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Ari Robbins (1 post) • 0

Hey, I'm staying in Kunming for at least a couple of months here in Kunming, and so far love the city. After living in Beijing for a year, the greenery and the freshness are a blessing. And so far I am liking the nightlife and whatnot quite a bit. But one thing thats an interest of mine is the progress or current condition of the GBLT community in China. So far, I've been largely unable to find any central locations of gay nightlife or culture in Kunming. I know there is a bar called Lanse Didai (蓝色地带), which as of yet I haven't been to. I also heard the larger Top One Disco in Kundu was a gathering point, but I couldn't really tell from the one time I went there.

So if anyone has any insider information, shoot!

Also, if anyone has any good suggestions for other good nightlife spots, let me know.


xiaolaoshu (6 posts) • 0

not much of a gay nightlife in Kunming. Besides Bluezone, which is rather a depressing place than a fun bar to how out, there's nothing else that I'm aware of.
Personally, as a gay foreigner living in Kunming for the past 2,5 years, I would recommend you to hang out in regular expat bars, namely French cafe, the box, Salvador's (Wenlinjie area), or speakeasy, the hump and halfway house for more late nite fun. the small foreign gay community (around 5 or 6) hang out there.
besides that, if you're more fond of Chinese gay community, plenty of discos in Kundu are packed with Chinese gay kids (you can spot them from miles away...).
contact me if you need more info

surruk51 (8 posts) • 0

www.yntz.net is another source - if your chinese is up to it. I believe a lot of contact is made on the net - primarily via QQ. but I have to say, setting up a QQ account was an impenetrable barrier for me.

I'm living here with two other overeeas gay friends (been her for a year) and we have gradually made a few gay friends in the local community.


rein2047 (1 post) • 0

Hi guys, i am a chinese guy from Hong Kong and travel to Kunming quite frequently for work, however, i couldnt find any gay scene to hang out, or is there anyone interested to hang out together when i get there next time. Btw, i will be there later this week. Anyway, here's my mail goop1210@hotmail.com, drop me an email if anyone interested in.


wosapuff (3 posts) • 0

Hey,guys. I would like to know some forgien gay friends in kunming. Currently, I stay at KL but will go to kunming around Sept. Well, i should intro myself. You can find my profile at fridae.com...user name is wosapuff as well. Hope can find some friends to hang out together. I had been to French cafe, Salvador, but didn't see any gay friend. My email and msn:hyunbinmo@hotmail.com

How can i contact robbin, xiaolaoshu? hehe


Ken1987 (7 posts) • 0

Hey, everyone! I'm a bottom sexually, Looking for some Strong forgien gay in Kunming in this vacation.
By the way, I'm 21 years old, with good looking.
Do send me massage at dilacc@hotmail.com if u intersted in me!

kunmingren (2 posts) • 0

Hey all, just found out this site and pretty excited. Me, 29 and a real kunmingren, lived here for 21 year and moved to states and just got back. would love to make some friends here keep my western side fresh, lol.. about those comments on the gay night life here in kunming. i'm pretty sad that you can't even find a good dance club here in kunming. i'd rather just host a party in my apartment then going to those so called manyao bar.. i miss those fun clubs back in LA.. anyway.. anyone interested to hang out please let me know.. maybe some of you guys here know more about kunming nowadays than i do.. but i'm local here and i sure have my advantage ..haha.. ynkm829@gmail.com.. ciao ..simon

redskin411 (1 post) • 0

hey guys, I 'd like to meet some people with overseas experience as friends, prefer white guys!!
if you r up for it pls text message me

Jo@my (1 post) • 0

hehe, I am really had no idea that there are many overseas gay in kunming. I'm local, and so glad to help u guys get to know this city. If u got prblem u can contact with me, here's my E-mail: joamy.da@hotmail.com

Mike2008 (3 posts) • 0

Hey, guys. I am local as well. I lived in the States for many years before I came back several years ago. Like to meet international friends here in Kunming. I am an easy going person. Drop me a line if you are interested. My email is taishanyn@sohu.com

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