Salvador's Solidarity

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The discussion threads for the two stories on the Salvador's bombings seem to have shifted towards rumor and speculation about the bomber's identity and intent. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but I think it's time for a separate thread dedicated to talk of our solidarity and what our response as a community could be. I'll start that now:

I love Salvador's, and I wish I could be there right now with the community that they are at the center of. My heart goes out to them and their worried family members back home. I hope y'all continue with what you've been doing, and that nothing like this ever happens again.

There's another important issue that this brings up. If you're living in Kunming and you have loved ones at home, please take the time to register with your consulates so that they can find you (and your family) in the event of an emergency. Also, give your home contact information to some close friends, so they know what to do if something happens. I've dealt with some unfortunate incidents before, and I can tell everyone from experience that these simple steps can make things easier for everyone.

Having said that, I'm so happy that everyone is okay. If you want to show support for Salvador's, please leave some kind words here. If you want to speculate about the bomber, the media or the illuminati, start another thread. You'll probably see me there too.

Jeff Crosby

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I never go to Salvadors. The food is not of my liking but I feel sorry for everyone that had to experience the bombings... my thoughts are with you all!

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My thoughts are with Kunming now. Like Jeff, I'm not in Kunming at the moment, but I wish I were so that I could show my support for the community.

My sentiments are exactly the same. I think Salvador's has been nothing but a positive force in Kunming and from the moment they opened they've been a home for foreigners and Chinese alike, a place where you could sit and read the paper over a cup of coffee, be sure to see a friendly face, a daily stop for long time residents and a resource for passing travelers. I've always praised Salvador's to my friends in particular for their fairness to their waitstaff, which sets them apart from many other cafes, diners, and bars.

I really hope that Salvador's can make a quick and full recovery. I'll certainly be there, hoping to see friends, old and new, the next time I'm in town.

Jessica Larson-Wang

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This was ugly, it's going to pass, there's no call for paranoia. Salvador's is a good place, the folks who run it are good folks, they've been through a bummer, let's all go to Salvador's like always. My sympathies to everyone involved or associated with this, including the family and friends of the guy who blew himself up.

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I want to extend my sympathies to the Salvador crew going through this ordeal. I am sure everyone will continue to support Salvadors and help them get back to normal as quickly as possible.

The bright side is that no one was hurt except the whack job that did this terrible thing.

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Mom here -- hey Swedish Guy - the food is awesome! Have you tried the pumpkin soup, omlettes, hamburgers, waffles, pancakes, ice cream, there is a 20 page menu -with so many choices? And yes, the most terrific thing is how these young men have created a great meeting place for people from all parts of the world to eat, talk, be together. Salvador's is a place where young women from all parts of China can learn, make new friends and be part of an international community. This is a place that brings people together for the good.

We need more places like Salvador's around the world.

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My favorite is the garlic butter and bagels with a large coffee. But, you know it really isn't the food or the cool design of the building that makes it Salvadores. It is the owners who make everyone feel at home when they walk in the door. I know because that is how they made me feel everytime I went in. You don't find that type of atmosphere everywhere you go. It can't be taught at business school or faked by money hungry business owners. It is the core of who these people are. I miss you guys and wish I could be there with you tonight. Maybe after school is out this Summer we will be able to come see everyone. Love, support and prayers be with you and safety always. Johnny, Juan and Sean LeGrand

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Absolutely agree with all this. This should not happen to anyone.

Best wishes to you guys and I hope you are up and running again soon. The town needs you, and from the sound of posts here, no one is going to be put off by this incident.

I will certainly make a point to spend some RMB with you when I see you open again.

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