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What are the cheapest places to get Zhongyao granules?

Seems to me, at the place I saw today-heng ai yiyuan, it would be about 800 rmb per month for a granule prescription, more or less, not including doctor's fee. What are the options for granule dispensaries in Kunming?

How about pharmacies which can cook herbs for you?

I assume that is cheaper. I have seen a chain called Fu Lin Tang, they seemed quite pricey as well. I am not sure about the qiality of their herbs.

I tend to think that Chinese herbs by themselves should cost 300-400 rmb per month, so long as nothing pricey in there (ling zhi, ren shen, etc.)

Cooking at home is not an option for me. Cheers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a Kung Fu Sifu

@mailman, OK no problem i will.

@anyone looking for kung fu,

You have to be very careful -if you don't know anything about combat arts you shouldn't choose a teacher without the help of someone more experienced. Most kung fu in mainland china is not real, its is either "wushu", or it is just a business, there are many historical factors why this is the case. But if you look around enough for awhile, I believe you can find something good.

@laotou If you want to recommend a good taiji sifu, please do.
If the tai chi school has things like heavy bags, dummies, boxing pads, I do want to hear about it, thanks. That will help to identify it as a real tai chi school and not an exercise/Chinese yoga school.

But I don't think tai chi is good for co-study unless a person already has a very solid foundation in another art. Generally, a person should either make tai chi their art (its a great art), or cross train in it only after already having becoming proficient as a fighter.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Looking for a Kung Fu Sifu

Hi, I would like to study martial arts.
I am looking for a teacher who is honest, open, and self defense oriented.

I have an open mind to most styles, and I am sure there are many I have not even heard of. I am always excited to hear about something new to me.

However, the following styles I would be very excited, honored, and interested to hear about.

形意拳 Xíng yì quán;

詠春 yǒng chūn (wing chun)
Bāguàzhăng (八卦掌)
八極拳; Bājíquán

南派螳螂, southern praying mantis
Yi quan/dacheng quan
Any Tibetan styles

Again, I am open to hear about anything, just stating these here, in case they ring any bells. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your help.


Ps. what are Yunnan's local styles?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese Education and Parenting

Interesting article, thank you. My 2 cents:

While there are many silly aspects to so called "western" style parenting today, the parenting style featured in the article-as well as the one my Chinese friends experienced- is no improvement. Unless your only goal is to stay alive.

This so called "Asian values" parenting represents a race to the bottom. If you want to adapt yourself to the most alienated aspects of the most alienated societies in history, and one of the most troubled periods-I am sure this method is helpful for short term survival and job security.

If you want to enjoy your life, develop into a 3 dimensional person, and also contribute something to society and the solving of its problems-being raised this way is counterproductive.

Survival and living have never been the same thing, and at our unique point in history, survival no longer even leads in the direction of further survival ( I am thinking about climate change for example).

The author of the article is a grown adult who still believes in the existence of "losers".

She also hasn't lived much if she thinks nothing is fun until you are "good" at it-and I question her concept of what good is. In truth nothing is fun if you are not comfortable doing it. Not the same thing.

The truth is, this person displays basically no ethics at all-I mean, don't look for Harriet Tubman, Da Vinci, Li Bai (Li Po), or Martin Luther King on her list of kids who turned out well. There would be no good life to enjoy in the first place, if everyone simply competed to conform to the basest requirements of survival and "success" in society.

The timing of this article (2010/2011) is no accident. People are worried about economic security.

I DO NOT think a balance is needed between this reductionist, cynical "Chinese" view of parenting (and life itself), and the confused, passive/aggressive, psycho babble techniques now featured in the west.

Both need to be rejected in favor of a 3rd way. That 3rd way can be found in other traditions. Or it can be something really contemporary.

Either way, the very creativity needed to forge a parenting style suited to the unique challenges of life in the present day, is proof enough of the inadequacy of the feudalistic approach offered by this woman.


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Anyone who finds the music in nearby bars to be "nicer" than the Mask's, has basically no musical taste, and I think a charitable organization should be set up to help such people.

I am not big on most bars, including the MASK. But it is one of the best bars in town. Small enough to be cozy, good drinks, friendly staff, actual live music, a good mix of different kinds of people.

It does seem to be an after hours type bar, so don't be surprised to see it empty at 9, only to be brimming from 11-2. Lots of people start at other bars and end up there.


Tiger Tiger should be ashamed.
9 or 10 inches for a large pizza is not fine. This same tiny pizza will run you around 45 yuan, possibly more. The cities of Chicago, New York, and Seattle, should be called in to cast judgment on this Pizza Crime. It should be called a "small pizza" and cost 20-25 yuan. Desserts are OK but overpriced.