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Looking for a Kung Fu Sifu

aaronb (54 posts) • 0

Hi, I would like to study martial arts.
I am looking for a teacher who is honest, open, and self defense oriented.

I have an open mind to most styles, and I am sure there are many I have not even heard of. I am always excited to hear about something new to me.

However, the following styles I would be very excited, honored, and interested to hear about.

形意拳 Xíng yì quán;

詠春 yǒng chūn (wing chun)
Bāguàzhăng (八卦掌)
八極拳; Bājíquán

南派螳螂, southern praying mantis
Yi quan/dacheng quan
Any Tibetan styles

Again, I am open to hear about anything, just stating these here, in case they ring any bells. Thanks for listening, and thanks for your help.


Ps. what are Yunnan's local styles?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

You may wish to also co-enroll/co-study in one of the many flavors of Tai Qi. Tai Chi provides a strong basis for stances, stance transitions, breath control, focus, and mental calmness.

aaronb (54 posts) • 0

@mailman, OK no problem i will.

@anyone looking for kung fu,

You have to be very careful -if you don't know anything about combat arts you shouldn't choose a teacher without the help of someone more experienced. Most kung fu in mainland china is not real, its is either "wushu", or it is just a business, there are many historical factors why this is the case. But if you look around enough for awhile, I believe you can find something good.

@laotou If you want to recommend a good taiji sifu, please do.
If the tai chi school has things like heavy bags, dummies, boxing pads, I do want to hear about it, thanks. That will help to identify it as a real tai chi school and not an exercise/Chinese yoga school.

But I don't think tai chi is good for co-study unless a person already has a very solid foundation in another art. Generally, a person should either make tai chi their art (its a great art), or cross train in it only after already having becoming proficient as a fighter.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Sorry - no kunming taichi refs. The Taichi rec is as you mentioned. I can't remember who advised me to follow this track though, as it was a LONG time ago. I think it was this little old vietnamese guy who taught southern dragon shao lin kung fu - the core kungfu all students must study...and Tai Chi - but can't remember if it was Yang or Chen style (I prefer Chen as it's a little more dynamic). He advised learning both styles from the beginning as the Taiqi would rapidly strengthen your leg muscles, but things can get confusing as shaolin initially stresses hard styles while taiqi is more they say.

EncryptedEncrypted (114 posts) • 0

I'm also interested in learning taichi. I started learning it last year with a chinese guy. I really liked it but the guy had to leave to Shanghai. Anyone already found something?

My level is very low, I just learned for 1 or 2 months.


TeacherAshley (21 posts) • 0

A friend of mine has studied kung fu for 12 years (sorry, I don't know what style). I don't know if he takes on private students or not, but I will ask and I'll post a response or PM if he is interested.

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