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Forums > Living in Kunming > LABA MUSIC WEEKEND

Thanks, Eddy...and thanks to all the people who have organized, and places of business who are selling tickets for this weekend of music at Laba.

We all are looking forward to it — and excitement is building!

I just want to add this about our band:
"War Horse" is Ian on guitar/vocals, Chuck "Jacques Le Blanc" on bass/vocals, Nick La Flame on accordion/vocals, Ma Tu on drums, and myself on guitar/vocals. We're going to do some new originals and a few new covers. It will be an interesting set.

Thanks again to everyone helping out with this weekend of music in Kunming!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Halloween 2011

Hey, "Bad Boy" — since you asked the question, let's put it this way: How many days am I gonna dress up? I'm goin' as a cowboy. I've been going as a cowboy, or the Lone Ranger, all my life. That's why they call me "Nevada". So I pretty much dress up EVERY day...Easy, see? Friday the Hump for the Great Apes, Saturday at the Camel and at the Mask for bands and DJs and Hip Hop. Probably Sunday, somewhere, and then, see, I dress up again as a cowboy to teach my students on the "real" Halloween. Fun, eh? It's all fun. I'm sure this weekend, in San Francisco, for example, is gonna be about a 5 day blast...that's the way it Kunming, too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Lazy Bones Restaurant Is Closed

Elliott: Cas & I want to thank you for all that you have done for us and for everyone. We had some great brunches, pizza nights, sports nights — well into the early mornings — and for making Lbones such a wonderful place to eat & meet.

We're gonna miss the friendly, community atmosphere you created.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fake Apple Store in Kunming

The latest news:"Chinese officials have found five fake Apple stores in the southwestern city of Kunming, and ordered two of them to suspend business while they're investigated, a local government website said Monday.

Officials couldn't do anything about the other three stores — which prominently displayed Apple signs and logos — because they did not find any fake Apple products for sale, according to a report by a local newspaper posted on the Kunming city government's website."

The moral of the story is that you can sell real products in fake stores but not fake products in fake stores. Go figure.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Fake Apple Store in Kunming

Laughingstock or Admiration?

I think a question could be asked here: Is China being laughed at because just about everything, including entire Apple Stores and products are knocked off, faked, and sold in China and around the world?

Or: Do people around the world admire China for the savvy and skill to do such a good job with their abilities to fake and copy?

The surprising thing about this recent story is that everyone, including news agencies in every country, are picking up on the story. I'm not surprised. I know this store and have always thought it was fake. I never questioned that it was a real Apple franchise selling real Apple goods. I do know there are licensed dealers to serve and repair Apple computers as my American friend had to use one and present his warranty and registration for his Mac.

But hey, if you're a musician and have bought a Fender amp in Kunming, you know it's fake. They won't give you a real guarantee. If it breaks down, like mine did, like my friend's did, hey, they just give you another one. They don't send it "back to the Fender factory" for repair.

My guitar, an Epiphone which I bought in Guangzhou for a lot of money in a reputable music store, couldn't, wouldn't, supply me with a guarantee. They asked for my email address and said they'd send it to me. After many emails to them and without receiving any replies, I gave up. It's probably fake. But it's a great guitar!

Point is, we're not talking about t-shirts with misspellings bought on the street proclaiming to be some hot shot international band — which we obviously know are fake. We're talking about walking into regular stores which sell known brands of equipment and electronic devices, like Apple phones and computers, and we're sold fake products. No one bats an eye. Why?

Well, perhaps the products aren't perfect — but maybe they are "good enough" - for the price one pays. And are they really that inferior to "the real thing"?


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Thanks for the great article — well written, Pat.

Village Progress is a wonderful program that helps bring about vital and important information and services to rural Yunnan.

The creative aspect, the art programs, etc. are something the children and students will remember and treasure for their entire lives.

We support Village Progress!


Seriously, who sits around and thinks this stuff up?

A short film..."It features images of the Stone Forest, Western Hills and, not surprisingly, Across the Bridge rice noodles..."

I have to say that I just wish they'd let Green Lake be the park it is.

I'm not impressed at all with these "new" plans and ideas(?).

We love you Francesca...Diego...Stefania... and Valeria...and all the wonderful people who have worked and been around The Box these past years...We have been going to "our place" for 7 years...and like others, we have so many memories to treasure and remember forever...
We've been through the changes, the good times, and the tough times...we've laughed and hugged and kissed and been there for each other...
I think of the time I played my guitar and we all sang for one of the anniversary parties...Getting special cushions on the bar stools for us...The times I tried the wild drinks, and and once, after a few absinthes, ran up and down the street, loving everyone. (I was told my wife would have to be called in the future to O.K. these excursions into the cosmos).
We always felt safe, at home, comfortable, and we appreciated how everyone at The Box always looked after Cas and I.
Not much to say, except, we're all moving on...but we'll forever be friends and meet up together, all over Yunnan, and in places in the world. We know we will.
We will miss all of you...
Nevada & Cas

Deng Ling has always treated me with kindness and the utmost respect. All the years, since 2007 with The Tribal Moons, and later both as a solo performer and with War Horse and War Whores, Deng Ling has opened her heart and her arms to my music and our bands.

I can't say enough about The Lady...knowing her past and history, knowing and loving her as a good friend, I feel I am one of the luckiest and most fortunate musicians in the world!

We always know when you are gone away and living in London, Deng Ling...and we always know when you return to Kunming — and every time the Camel grows, becomes better, evolves into the true "musical scene and space" you have always envisioned.

I will always carry deep feelings in my heart for you Deng Ling, and for the Camel. Some of us who have lived here in Kunming — and will continue to make Kunming our home — know that you are at the center, you are the pulse that are our are everyone's drummer here in this part of our world...


Hey, thanks for the lovely year-end review. I especially loved the August part where the interview with the guy talks about his "wacky life". Wacked, indeed, I'd say.

Peace, Love and 3 days of understanding, like Woodstock. And you should have been there. Oops, you weren't even born then.


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