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Halloween 2011

Lulan (9 posts) • 0

Halloween is coming, and it can't be missed in Kunming! One problem though... With no Speakeasy and an Uprock closed again, where will the party be? Outfits are getting ready and nobody knows where to wear them on the D-day.
Anyone who knows more than I do, please do tell!

Ian_Kunming (126 posts) • 0

We'll kick off Friday 28th at The Hump with The Great Apes, followed by a four-band-rock-n-roll-kick-your-ass-All-Hallows'-Eve-Party at The Camel on the 29th.

Bad Boy (24 posts) • 0

Halloween is on Monday!!!! So sad to have a 4 day Halloween so that nobody really dresses up one night. What a joke! The night to dress up should be Monday the party should be Monday!! Suck it up and take Tuesday off if you are still too drunk or hungover. It's Kunming and its not like most of you haven't taken a day off work or school before. Since its Tuesday next year does that mean 5 days of Halloween?

dtedheshidtedheshi (46 posts) • 0

Who cares about the proper date for Halloween, "Bad Boy"? We're in China! Have fun walking around alone in costume on a school night!
Halloween is my fav. The more nights, the better!

Bad Boy (24 posts) • 0

How many days are you going to dress up? How often does a costume make it through one night? The point is that in the past in Kunming there was one Halloween on Halloween at the Speakeasy or later at Uprock. Now its watered down and instead of having everyone dress up one night you have a half or a third of the people dress up for several nights and ruins the fun of having an entire party with people in costume. We are in China, this was once the best night of the year now it has turned into a bunch of above average evenings losing what once made Halloween really fun.

dtedheshidtedheshi (46 posts) • 0

Ok, man. Do something about it! Organize a party that everyone will be compelled to save up their halloween mojo for. Or stage a one man/woman Halloween picket on wenlin jie in full costume!

tahoe (11 posts) • 0

Hey, "Bad Boy" — since you asked the question, let's put it this way: How many days am I gonna dress up? I'm goin' as a cowboy. I've been going as a cowboy, or the Lone Ranger, all my life. That's why they call me "Nevada". So I pretty much dress up EVERY day...Easy, see? Friday the Hump for the Great Apes, Saturday at the Camel and at the Mask for bands and DJs and Hip Hop. Probably Sunday, somewhere, and then, see, I dress up again as a cowboy to teach my students on the "real" Halloween. Fun, eh? It's all fun. I'm sure this weekend, in San Francisco, for example, is gonna be about a 5 day blast...that's the way it rolls...in Kunming, too.

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