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Halloween is coming, and it can't be missed in Kunming! One problem though... With no Speakeasy and an Uprock closed again, where will the party be? Outfits are getting ready and nobody knows where to wear them on the D-day.
Anyone who knows more than I do, please do tell!

Forums > Living in Kunming > tattoo artist in Kunming?

I'm Lola, have been in Kunming for three years. I got two tattoos from Dahai (the guy in Kundu), and they're great. But Dahai makes you pay different prces according to the accuracy of the tattoo. I also know another good tattoist, he's my room-mate and has made me two quite big and precise tattoos. He doesn't speak English, but i can always translate.
His number is 13700690349 (name's Yang Heng), mine is 15198749280.
I could meet you somewhere so you can check out my tattoos if you want (one of them is only two days old), or you could send me an e-mail ( and i could send you pictures of his work.
Hope you find what you need!


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I think game cafe really is a cool place.
For those who likes playing games, there's a lot! And the people there can explain the rules of all the games, which i think is awesome (i could never remember all that)

Then there's the waiters, who are all really cool people, talkative and open-minded

The food's good, from the huge salads to the pizzas, with all the french specialties which add a special note.

There's a terrace, which is perfect for the summer days ahead :)
Hanging out with a cold latte or a beer is just what we need!