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I am up for a ride. In fact I may have rode with you a couple of months back, bummed into you on xi shan, and you saved me from the heard of locals i was stuck with. Anyway, my problem is time. If you guys have time during the week, let me know. Weekends are tough for me to get away.

Forums > Study > Statement from KCEL about the tuition

KCEL is in full on damage control but it does not seem to be working. I guess we foreigners are not as dumb as we look. I wonder how much impact this will have on their business. I know I wont go back there...

Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

I have been a student at both Dong Fang and Keats and have become friends with teachers at both places. In private conversations with teachers from both schools it has become clear to me that this situation is a result of Dong Fang being upset at the tuition that Keats was charging last semester. Dong Fang felt that Keats price was to low and so they decided to flex their Guan Xi by trying to get all schools to raise their prices. I guess the folks at Dong Fang don't understand supply and demand, and it seems that their plan has now backfired. I am not badmouthing Dong Fang. I hope students continue to go there as it provides a living for my friends. They need foreigners to continue going to that school for the sake of their livelihood. But I sure hope that the head guys at Dong Fang pull their heads out of you know where and get a clue. It seems that every teacher at Dong Fang that I have ever talked to, can't stand their bosses, but of course they could never say that out loud. However the Teachers at Keats all seem very happily employed. In closing, when I asked a Teacher about how they felt about all this nonsense I got the standard response. 没办法,中国就是这样


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Can someone give a bit of info as to where the start of this trail is? I never seem to have time to ride with others that have plans to go. My schedule is a mess and rarely have time to hook up with others, but I would love to check out this trail. Thanks for revealing your stash. Cheers!


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