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The Mountain Bike Thread

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0

Seeing as there are a few random mtb info threads scattered around I thought I would start a final difinitive one and link the other threads to it. Lets try to keep all the mtb related info and discussion on one thread to save confusion.

If you're looking for route info then ask here, if you want to ride and fancy some company, post on here.

Cheers all, hope you see you out on the trails soon.

transcendwitme (24 posts) • 0

As this thread has not yet been used I thought I'd post up to intensify the stickiness and see if mtb related info can collect.

Winter is here and that means the chances of rain are severally diminished. It is around this time of year that trails get closed off "封山" to reduce the risk of forest fires.

Having just returned to mountain biking after a spell in lycra I am keenly aware of the lack of trail options in Kunming, there is jindian (金典) out to the north and qipanshan (棋盘山) lest we forget chang chong (长虫) - www.gokunming.com/[...]

I would like to ask if anyone knows of any other decent mtb trails a day's return ride from km. It does not really matter what the trail is like as long as it consists of dirt, no cars, and hopefully fairly unknown to the ever swelling local riding population. Please post up any information you might have, I am happy to go trail hunting if anyone has spotted things in their local stomping ground. Let's organise and put together our collective trail knowledge to make the best of the winter riding season!

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0

Hey good to hear from you. I'm going to be away until January but would love to go hunting then. As far as I know there are only a handful of us here who mountain bike, but we're all keen. Hopefully we can organise through this thread and start getting more of a community together.

transcendwitme (24 posts) • 0

Are we really the only people interested in going out and riding trails?? Anyone out there, in the entire city, the total number of mountain bikers must be more than two, be heard people.

dbfan (20 posts) • 0

I am up for a ride. In fact I may have rode with you a couple of months back, bummed into you on xi shan, and you saved me from the heard of locals i was stuck with. Anyway, my problem is time. If you guys have time during the week, let me know. Weekends are tough for me to get away.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Omgiri and I went up Baozhusi the other day, I am up for rides during the week! Plan on doing a little track finding in the North this week...

transcendwitme (24 posts) • 0

I put together a new loop today on qipanshan, plenty of climbing with some great single track rewards, totally away from what you rode with omgiri. It's my favourite trail for sure and I added a new section onto it.

yeah we should go up north and just loop around looking for open sections through the trees, the known trails are disappearing all the time but there are so many farmers etc grazing animals in the hills, its those trails that we need to find.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

You've got me interested in you new trail now! The loop I did with Omgiri the other day was pretty fun so I would be keen to see others in the area! How about we try and organise a 4 person ride then this week with Selman (I am sure you read these Selman!) Omgiri, you and I? Would be good to get together as a group and scare some locals... and then maybe ourselves on the trail!

Give us a yell if you get some free time during the week. I am on self directed study so can do whatever whenever and organise other stuff around riding (see where my priorities lie!).

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