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The Mountain Bike Thread

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0

Friday is better for me. I can show you a nice ride in the Jindian area which is long, but not steep or difficult.

I can't really get away before 11am. Is that OK?

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Sounds good to me Kirkpatrick, but do you know if Jindian is closed? Changchong Shan definitely is closed due to the fire risk, I would have though Jindian might be too as its all forestry up there, but I could be wrong.

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0

Just taking a chance that it's open because I haven't had any issues there in the past. The entrance to this trail is quite a way from town, and I think it's mostly the trails near to town that get closed. Changchong being the obvious example.

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

Friday is probably a no-go for me (school 1.30>3.30), but if I'm available anyway I'll let you know, "Kirkpatrick"! :]

Saturday, however, should prove no problem and I'd like to get some mountains in my legs before the big trip!

Kirkpatrick (56 posts) • 0

OK, let's make it Saturday.

Meet at Sal's 11am. Bring a spare tube, etc. and something to munch out on the trail. Helmet and gloves would also be a pretty good idea...

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Me and Kirkpatty went for a good ride yesterday, definitely one of Kunmings best extended off road ride.


It appeared Jindian was still open, but there were a lot of people around wearing bright clothing and scolding people for being in the forest, plus forestry workers maintaining the firebreak system and pruning overhanging trees. Although it wasn't *yet* closed, I suspect in the near future it just well may be.

transcendwitme (24 posts) • 0

Just got back from riding in Nepal. There wasn't much power and no roads so the biking was great however certainly not a place to keep in touch with the outside world.

Glad to hear you two got out for a ride, that's a good long trail!

How is the fire closure situation at the moment?

Was thinking it would be good to get into some winter road riding actually.

Could loop out to dianchi, go around fuxian lake. Sure there are lots of good road rides to be had.

If Jin Dian has since been totally shut down I do know a secret way into chang chong shan that I searched out.

Let me know what the open/closure trail situation is. I heard yesterday that the black forest on xi shan is open but other than that need to get out and have a look myself.

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

Surprised nobody has mentioned my favourite trail.

It's my fav because it's close to town, it has a really nice steep hill, low traffic, and a nice view.

Basically you head north up to Huangtupo, then head directly west.

After a few blocks cycling past large buildings, the road goes a little up an incline, then bends slightly south. You keep going straight here, down the off-shoot that continues directly toward the mountains.

There are two options here for route: you can either go straight, and keep going straight when the road bends right (sudden, not far), climb to the residential area, then make your way through it to the left (southwest) corner, where you can lift your bike on to the trail. The other way is after a hundred or so meters on the left is a little off-shoot road that winds up past a little market and along a stream.

They join up, you go over a rail bridge, under a road bridge, a little further upward and you are on the old road up to Xiongzhusi (Bamboo temple). Now, if you were going up to the temple you'd continue along the road when it crosses the stream-valley, turning left. This is an OK ride but is fraught with traffic. Instead, turn right immediately and head up the road the follows the valley. Keep going and you eventually get up to a cemetery. This is my regular ride, used to be daily (I live in Bangkok at the moment). There's almost never anyone up there, and you get one of the best views of Kunming.

You can also continue up through the cemetery and along trails, which drops you down the western side above a prison. If you are careful you can negotiate the rough descent (note: definite MTB only territory) and then get on to a road. Turn right on the road and you'll climb and descend down another incline slightly to the north, back in the Kunming metropolis. Turn left and .. well I never went that way, but it's probably good if you want a long loop.

If you are lucky and get there fast through the traffic, you can probably get out there, climb the mountain, and cycle back to Wenlinjie for a drinking session in about an hour.

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