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blobbles (958 posts) • 0

If you want to put any routes up, join up to www.mapmyride.com, then create the route and bookmark once you have joined this group: www.mapmyride.com/people/groups/114439/

There is one up there at the moment (one that Kirkpatrick took me on last year), feel free to join up and add your own!

ColinB (1 post) • 0

Hello Mountain Bikers of Kunming.
I have just moved to the MTB wasteland of Shanghai and need to get some single track under my tyres before I go mad.
So I'm about to buy a ticket to Kunming for this Saturday night so i can ride Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Is it worth it? I flown through Kunming on 3 previous trips to Lijiang (which has some sick single track), and in a 20-40 KM radius of Kunming it looked like it should be an easy to find trails. I am up for hiring a driver or taxi to reach some good technical single track. Am happy to hike a bike to get to some good stuff.
What do you all think.

blobbles (958 posts) • 0

Check the link I posted above Colin, there are a few good rides (by Chinese standards!) just out of the city. You can almost certainly get your MTB fix here, though the routes we tend to ride end up being repeated quite a bit and can change from one day to the next as they aren't official MTB tracks. It is raining quite a bit here at the moment though which can make some parts of the rides quite treacherous so care must be taken.

You can hire a bike from the Xiong brothers here:


The rides listed on the mapmyride site above include Changchong Shan and Jindian Standard which are pretty good introductions, both with some decent hills and half decent single track on the way down. If you want a long ride, check out the Jindian Plus map which is quite long with a lot of single track. There are other good tracks as well, mostly to the West of the city in an area called Qipan Shan which is not mapped under that group but I believe can be found by searching on the same site, uploaded by other users. Most of these rides we reach simply by riding out of the city, there isn't really a need to get transport out there as they are all on the surrounding hills.

Is it worth it? That depends on your need for riding and your demands of how good the tracks should be, but it sounds like you are going a bit mad in Shanghai without it! Its not the best riding in the world, but it does serve us well enough to keep us sane :-)

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

I've compiled a map with 1-day tours out of Kunming. They're more long-distance and not necessarily mountain bike routes. You can click either route and get ample information such as elevation gain, max elev, distance and some warnings and tips.

Hope you'll enjoy.


transcendwitme (24 posts) • 0

Great work bluppfisk! The ample descriptions and clear mapping are very helpful. No excuses for not getting out of town now - ride again very soon!

吴莉娜 (6 posts) • 0

Hey, all! I've noticed that the last post here is quite old, but just wondering if any of you is still going mountain biking around Kunming. If you are, I'd love to join you sometime! Hope to hear back from you! :-)

bluppfisk (398 posts) • 0

I ride regularly; at least once a week. I'll probably go on Sunday barring rain and business. If you can keep a 20 kmh average outside the city (I mean road, not trails), then be welcome to join. Add me on wechat with the same handle.

sanfranciscoguy888 (26 posts) • +1

Can someone recommend or have a GPS track for a XC route starting from downtown near Jinbi Square? I want to rent and do a 5-10 mile round-trip ride from a bike shop that rents mountain bikes. I need a relative simple route (I can't read or speak chinese, and my phone GPS is flakey) but not boring and totally flat, and it must be accessbile from the bike shop. I have no equipment, just bike shorts. I need a relatively simple, but fun route, easily accessible from a downtown bike ship (such as xiong or pegasus, cyclist shops). Just realized I need some kind of water bottle or bladder also.

I saw this route which normally would look good to me, www.mapmyride.com/routes/fullscreen/246412265/ but since I'm sure I'll get lost several times and cant read chinese and my gps may not work well, at 15 miles, I could take all day if I get lost several times.

I also saw this, but it looks completely flat and boring. www.mapmyride.com/[...]

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