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Forums > Living in Kunming > where Google Nexus 6p battery replaced

I see shops that can fix Samsung, apple, huawei, opportunity phones but no luck finding someplace that can replace the battery on a Google Nexus 6p phone. The screen needs to be removed in order to replace the battery. Anyone had a similar problem to mine? I prefer someplace that can do the actual replacement.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Civilized Kunming

Someone mentioned strollers. I'm curious what's the etiquette for using a semi-compact stroller on the bus. We were there for a month. Is it poor etiquette to take one on the bus? Yes its gets crowded during rush hour, and its difficult to exit on those buses where there's a bar in the middle of the back door, but I managed somehow lifting the stroller with baby up and out. Were we being completely inconsiderate of others on the bus? Or its not a big deal.

My wife prefers a stroller as she can put bags on it and roll, but I would preferred a baby carrier most times.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of Digital Piano

Thanks for the tips. Yeah, I prefer to buy a cheaper used Casio PX-150/160/360 as you get the most bang for the buck. I'll ask my wife how to use taobao or jd or tmall to search for the used stuff.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cost of Digital Piano

How much does a digital piano keyboard cost from some place like Walmart or Carrefour, or whatever shop you might usually buy them from in Kunming? A portable one would be fine.

Something similar in level to a Casio PX-150, PX-160, or a Yamaha DGX-660? Weighted keys, preferably 88 keys, if possible?

What brands are good?


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