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Forums > Living in Kunming > Weechat english-language group for preschoolers

We'll be in Kunming for a bit over 2 months. Would like to network via english-languge weechat group with parents of english-speaking kids 3-6 years old. For tips, like good play areas, or enrichment classes (ideally in english, but chinese also), or even playdates. I'm a dad who's chinese is horrible.

We'll spend a lot of time near these areas:
1) guo lin xi gu, 大水田 DaShuiTian, Chenggong district
2) jinbi residential district (danzia road cross with huancheng west road

Forums > Living in Kunming > Favorite snacks from big grocery store

What're your favorite relatively healthy snacks from the big grocery stores like Walmart or Carrefour? Like maybe low in msg or sugar. Or especially no partially hydrogenated fats.

I liked the spicy roasted peanuts. They might have had a bit of msg, but not too much. Also the kit kat copy cookies. Didn't remember that it had partially hydrogenated stuff in it.

Also how much or how difficult is it to get greek style yogurt at a fair price? By that I mean the ones with good fat content, lots of protein, and somewhat low in sugar. I'm tempted to make my yogurt (via sous vide) when I get there since I may be there over 2 months.

I notice eating out in Kunming is almost as expensive as in the US.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Drop-In Dual English preschool activities

Is there any daycare that offers daily drop-in classes for a preschooler in at least 50% English language? Where I could drop my kid off for say 2-4 hours at a time? And pay for individual sessions, or for a month of drop-in sessions?

Preferably near 1) 关上 guanshang district; 2) 大水田 DaShuiTian / 大冲村 DaChongCun; 3) jinbi residential district

Forums > Living in Kunming > Raising a child in Kunming

Any of you foreigners raised a child in Kunming at least up to junior high or high school level? Was your intention to later go to university in China, or back to the USA (or other foreign country)? How'd it turn out?


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