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Forums > Living in Kunming > Cafes with WIFI and power outlets

I know starbucks and other coffee shops usually have free WIFI. But what about power outlets? Is it typical for starbucks to have power outlets there?

I was going to take an external battery for my laptop, but just found out the airlines have strict restrictions on the capacity of lithium batteries.

Are there good places near Gu Lin Xi Gu, or downtown for long study sessions with WIFI, power outlets, snacks, and where its ok to sit for hours working on a laptop?

Forums > Living in Kunming > internet in Yunnan

I'll be in Kunming for 2 weeks. Is there a good VPN that works. Can you private message me, if thats not good to post in public? I need to use gmail, yahoo, youtube, etc. Also is there good voice-over-IP service I can use? Does google voice chat, skype, or whats up work well, assuming VPN works?

Forums > Food & Drink > best starbucks for studying near city center

Which starbucks near city center is best for hanging out all day and studying on my laptop? Ideally it'd have power plugs and reliable wifi. I saw a small one on the 2nd floor of some building near Dico's. But is there a better one?


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