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Forums > Living in Kunming > Cafes with WIFI and power outlets

Thanks for the tips. I will check out that hongshandonglu. I was here a couple years ago on wenlin st. It got a bit too crowded for me especially at night, though I think it might've been due to it being christmas eve or something.

With regard to using the bathroom, in the US, doing a #1 is fast and not a usually a problem. Just try to do a #2 at home, or just take your stuff with you if you need to, and hope your spot is still open.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cafes with WIFI and power outlets

I'm not really those sitters. If I'm there in the morning (like at starbucks) I'll get a coffee and breakfast sandwich. Later I'll get a refill or a 2nd drink and a snack or lunch. And I'm not there all day.

Anyway we'll be staying at my wifes dad's house. There's no shops near by it. And I'm not sure how good the wifi is there. Also at a place like starbucks, I can get food when I like. I'm not sure if there's anything I can cook at her dad's place. Without my own car, and the subway system in infancy, I may feel trapped in Kunming.

Anyway, I may have to take calls from the US (ie for phone interviews). They usually call in to me. Is there a good reliable option, (thats free or very cheap for others to use/setup) to communicate with me over the "phone"?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cafes with WIFI and power outlets

I know starbucks and other coffee shops usually have free WIFI. But what about power outlets? Is it typical for starbucks to have power outlets there?

I was going to take an external battery for my laptop, but just found out the airlines have strict restrictions on the capacity of lithium batteries.

Are there good places near Gu Lin Xi Gu, or downtown for long study sessions with WIFI, power outlets, snacks, and where its ok to sit for hours working on a laptop?


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