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For Matt, Happy Birthday!!!

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy -

The Kunming Anomaly

Kunming, the Capital of China's Yunnan province, also dubbed as "Spring City" (in a metaphorical sense, as temperatures during the terrestrial "Winter" do not remain within the usual boundaries as classified by "Spring" - for "Spring" in China/Yunnan, please see here...), displays one of the most interesting geological anomalies in the known galaxy.
When a meteor struck the soon to be City (in astrophysical terms), it deployed traces of a (to Terrestrians unknown) silicon-metal (SilMet23) compound (during the 23rd round of a drinking session, Andromedan experts came to the conclusion, that Terrestrians will be able to detect this trace element by the year 2252), deep under the city center. This SilMet23 compound is so far the only the only deposit known, which, and we will explain later why, is not a bad thing.

As every child knows, a special silicone-metal (SilMet25) compound is the reason why the infamous "Forgot-Rod" is working as it should. When the "Forgot-Rod" is passed by the brain(s) of a life form, the SilMet25 compound reacts with the brainwaves, creating a harmonic dissonance, therefore erasing brainwaves momentarily. The result is a short-term memory loss.

In Kunming, the rare SilMet23 compound is static and the effect is not observable, as long as life forms are not moving.
However, as soon as life forms start moving within the city, the static SilMet23's field starts interacting with their brainwaves.

Due to it's unique geographical position and altitude (the guide won't quote latitude, longitude
and altitude, as Earth continents are still drifiting and any given number would be incorrect the next second), these effects take shape in bizarre problems.
For example a motorist will think, that his car (for "Car" - see here...) ends right after the rear of his head. As logic servers, the effect becomes more pronounced with higher velocities, as a stronger harmonic field will be created. While a motorist moving with the earth's equivalent of 1.78953436@s he/she will still have a faint idea of his/hers cars length, he will have forgotten completely when he/she reaches a velocity of 1.78988764@s.
To the innocent bystander the effect is not showing, as he is not actively moving through the SilMet's field. All traffic will therefore seem erratic and illogical, if not dangerous to species with lowered reflex times (for example, see "Human"), special caution is necessary for any life form with reflex times under 0.21$s.

On the other hand, visitors across the whole Galaxy are known to spend a relaxing day at one of Kunming's larger intersections, enjoying Kunming's Anomaly. Unquoted sources even relate to the "Larger Kunming Automotive Fender-Bender Lottery", as a <quote>"... chance to become rich within milli @s and loose it all within the next @" </quote>

Forums > Living in Kunming > Where to buy Wii in Kunming

Go to the location "Neverwinter" gave you in the post above. There are several shops selling gaming consoles.

But please, please, please... do not try to start the next media hype about those shops not being "authenticated resellers". As Chinese law states, gaming consoles with exchangeable programs are banned in China, only those with fixed programs are allowed, but the producers have to get a permit in order for the consoles to be legally sold (only Chinese consoles, with Chinese games have this permit). Everything else (PS1, PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii, hell even Gameboys) is/are illegally imported to China.

That's one reason to look out which version is being sold to you, especially important for the Wii you're planning to buy. Check if it's a NTSC or PAL (I don't know which one is better, or even if one is better), and check which games are available for each version; choose accordingly.

And because everything IS illegal, they make it even better by selling you a cracked version of the console, so that you can download or buy plain copies of the games.

Price-wise I recommend the following practice. Go on Taobao and check for the usual price of a Wii. Add about 10-15% to this price and it should represent the street-price you'll have to pay. If the vendor is actually kind or offering customer service you might even want think about paying 20% extra (keep in mind possible future "warranty" [read re-cracking] cases).

Do not expect getting a Fapaio (official recede), but try getting an "official" Shouju at least.

Have fun!!!


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Godspeed John and Cas. I hope you can make Thailand as much of a home as you did with Kunming. That special signed booklet from in front of Diego's place was one of the few things I kept from China. Cheers from another mountainous city across the globe.

Yeah, it's not only the carbon footprint.
Let's ask Alex directly: Look around where you are right now... Can you see an outdoor jacket? Maybe a backpack? Or how about a PET bottle? Maybe you just had a sip of coke, iced tea, green tea, Fanta, water? Do you see any of these items?
I'd say yes. Am I right? If so, I urge you to throw these out immediately as they are made out of PX. Yeah, that's right. When you manufacturer polyester you start with PX. Then you add oxygen to it after that you combined it with an alcohol and voilá, you have plastic.

So, I believe maybe you should rethink your position about PX or throw out everything made out, or containing polyester. Should I sum up some items which you cannot use anymore?

Or is it just the NIMBY problem? Google it and you know what I mean.

I have nothing more to add, otherwise I would take over this thread on how refineries work, how PX is used, how it seems that only China views it as a carcinogen (someone remember the Fukushima-Salt-crisis?) and which substances carry carcinogenic properties.
Ian, take my advice... brew yourself a nice cup of tea (but not a carcinogenic one, all right!?), do some research on those topics, sit back, relax and observe. You might be able to learn more about human nature than you think. Always keep in mind that knowledge is power and will help you in your future life.

Well Ian, I do not agree that much with your second to post. I personally do not blame anybody for protesting, nor would I use the concept of shame.
It's just what you said in the first post: Does everybody really what they are protesting against?


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