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Cultural appropriation is when one culture purposely tries to appropriate elements of another culture as their own. Merely wearing, appreciating, displaying cultural elements that are not native to your own is not cultural appropriation.

To eat a hamburger is not cultural appropriation, to say the hamburger originated from Xian's roujiamo and thus is a Chinese dish (as my Chinese neighbor is insisting), is.

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Right, your Chinese TIN is your passport number, however, the form also requires you to list the TIN for your home country, in the case of US citizens, that would be your SSN which is what I am concerned about.

I am very weary of giving the Chinese banks my SSN.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Proposed IIT Reform

Thanks @JanJal for shedding some light.

The form I was asked to fill out asks to list all jurisdiction in which I am a tax residence and the corresponding TIN. So the Chinese TIN part makes sense but I am worried about giving my SSN number but if I don't then my account will be frozen, according to them. Any suggestions?

Much appreciated!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Proposed IIT Reform

Got a message from my bank today to update my account info so I went down to my local branch. When I got to the teller they gave me a form to fill out and one of the items was my Tax Identification Number (TIN) which I assume is my SSN.

I tried asking her what this is about and from what I can make out she seems to be saying that this is a new policy from Beijing and that all banks are now required to have this record on file.

Did anyone else get the same message? What would happen if I gave them a false number? How would the bank or the Chinese government verify if the number is accurate? Does anyone know what this is about?

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If people would just start reading the Book and focus on His word instead of watching this crap, there wouldn't be any diseases in the world. There were no sickness in Eden, man brought that onto himself when he turned away from the truth.

By the way, the modern meat industry is the cause for 99.9% of the cancer and incurable diseases. If you really care about your health, you'd stop eating meat. I will not shed any tears for anyone that dies because they eat meat, they deserved it.


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The law of entropy states that a system will loose energy over time, this is why buildings crumble, water runs downhill instead of up, and a rolling ball will eventually stop. So according to evolution, complexity arises from simplicity, that is ludicrous. If I put a pile of legos on a tabletop, I wouldn't expect to see two pieces have joined together by themselves the next day and then 4 after that until it has assembled itself into a car. If I come back and see a car it is because my 4 year old built it, much like God created all the complex life forms.

Some people say there is proof for evolution but in reality, it is proof of devolution. Over time, those that do not live in His Grace, their descendants starts to change into apes and other forms because God created man in His image and those that do not believe in Him will cease to become man and will keep devolving until they become nothing, complexity into simplicity. These so called fossils are simply people that were in the process of devolving when they were wiped out and buried in the flood.

Further proof of this is that animals used to be much bigger thousands of years ago but is much smaller today. Complexity into simplicity

If they decide to jump into a lake without knowing how to swim well, then they are too stupid to live anyway, if not by drowning then they would probably die while jumping from a moving car, running across a highway, or from drinking water that has collected in the garbage can, why should I spend my money to teach such stupid people, it's just a waste of money. The money would be better spent trying to save children from eternal damnation.


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