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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Places to go with a VERY limited budget

Whoa, what a change. And for the better. A thread with only thumbs up.
Hope Farah is doing well as well. Think however that I shouldn't give her a thumbs up for being broke so I refrain from that ;-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Bouldering in Kunming

Well if you are shorter then about 1 metre then there is a free climbing wall at Decathlon next to Metro South. They even provide free climbing shoes up to size 24 ;-)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Old Yunnan painting

Jumping to conclusions. Not a laowai English teacher at all and never had a Dr Pepper in my life.
Actually read the book when I was working in the Yi area in Southern Sichuan when I worked there some twenty years ago.
Familiar as well with the work of Gladstone Porteous and Samuel Pollard (With the Chinese Inland Mission as well and the creators of Yi and Miao scripts).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Old Yunnan painting

Strong man’s prey. From Broomhall. Already sitting on the shelf. One of the many books published by the China Inland Mission after they got kicked out of China.
Is actually about southern Sichuan.


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Noticed those motorists cops.
They were sitting in one of these police boots playing with their phones while their bikes outside were nicely lined up with their engines running.

Might explain the recent high pollution levels in KM ;-)

Why no points lost for all those assholes who drive on the go left lane till the front of the go straight que and then squeeze into that lane?
Or does this fall under driving the wrong direction?


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