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"local wood burning". What do you mean? People using wood stoves in your location or wildfires burning in the neighbourhood (The local wood burning)?

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Funny that you got up early this morning satii to write down your thoughts on perception. Anyways got me thinking. Some days ago I noticed dog poo disposal bags being offered to the public in a living compound not too far away from mine. First time I saw this in China. I realised as well that I never go to public parks here in Kunming. I don’t even know if dogs are allowed in these parks but it would not surprise me that if they are that they have to be on a leash and that dog poo bags are available there.
My comment was thus based on a limited experience. In my own compound people don’t clean up after their dogs and there are no dog poo bag dispensers. The general mentality is that this should be done by the underpaid compound staff. The same staff that is expected to clean up the plastic waste bags people leave outside their front doors. They apparently don’t have time to dispose of them themselves because they are too busy listing complaints about cockroaches on the wechat group of the living compound.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dog Friendly Kunming

Having your dog on a leash is already a rule but not enforced. Forbidden breeds are still around and not cleaning up after your dog is still the main practice. The old perception that the mountains are high and the emperor is far away is still common practice in Kunming. It is the same with stopping at Zebra crossings; don’t count on it because sooner or later you will be killed.
PS: the recycling level in Kunming is very high; not because of the attitude of its citizens but because many people only can survive by scavenging.
The civilized city and society comprises many aspects and Kunming is quite far from it.


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Noticed those motorists cops.
They were sitting in one of these police boots playing with their phones while their bikes outside were nicely lined up with their engines running.

Might explain the recent high pollution levels in KM ;-)

Why no points lost for all those assholes who drive on the go left lane till the front of the go straight que and then squeeze into that lane?
Or does this fall under driving the wrong direction?


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