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Thanks god. Finally there is nothing to discuss anymore so we can go and discuss the weather. This is very important to us GoKunming followers because we rather look at our screens than out of the window.

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Not all posters are sincere, some are and some aren’t.
Not all bloggers are genuine, some are and some aren’t.
Not all contributions are useful, some are and some aren’t.
Not all people are trolls, some are and some aren’t.
Not all people get the point, some do some don’t.


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Noticed those motorists cops.
They were sitting in one of these police boots playing with their phones while their bikes outside were nicely lined up with their engines running.

Might explain the recent high pollution levels in KM ;-)

Why no points lost for all those assholes who drive on the go left lane till the front of the go straight que and then squeeze into that lane?
Or does this fall under driving the wrong direction?


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