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a lot of those toilet managers actually live in a room/mini home next to the toilet (f*** that)

You wont find a public toilet that are like the ones in Belgium, its a squat toilet, you should google what they look like if you don't know what they are and also practice squatting before you get here so you don't need to touch or hold the walls when you're taking a number 2.

Take tissues with you cause most public toilets don't have toilet paper because certain Chinese people like to take more than what they require then use it at home.

Also Mcdonalds is also a squat toilet, the one on Hong Shan Dong Lu haha I was surprised when I walked in there!

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Yep so if anyone is planning a trip out of Kunming, especially around July/August as AlexKMG mentioned, I highly recommend purchasing a flight that goes straight out of the country or through a less delayed city rather than connecting through Beijing. So the options for Kunming to consider would be Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong as your cheapest options. Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou would surely be ok compared to Beijing.


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