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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Guesthouse in Dali

i wonder which guesthouse I should choose in Dali for 4-5 nights in october as a tourist.My main points are: Location, english speaking stuff, contact to other travellers, price/value, Thinking of:
- dragonfly guesthouse or
- jade emu gh
- five elements hostel
Have you been there?
Which one would you prefer?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Using internet in Yunnan as a tourist

I would prefer free VPN for Android, because i will use it only, when in Yunnan. Does anybody has experience with "Cloud VPN" or "PSIPHON" in Yunnan? Both are free.
Or any other recommendation?
I saw that ExpressVPN is the most common, but I would have to cancel the agreement after using in yunnan, so it´s more inconvenient


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