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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel itinerary march-april 2016

it is easy to rent a ebike in Dali, probably also lijiang, but: you should make not more than 50km a day, otherwise you loose time in reloading. There are a few professional loading stations - which are good - if you load it just in a restaurant, if you stay there for 1-2 h it is mostly enough for only a few km... . It is also too far to go around the erhai lake in 2 days in my opinion....prices are cheap, just bargain...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Kunming to Guangzhou train

if time permits, one could take the train to guiyang (6,5 to 8h) and than the high speed train to guangzhou (4-5h), I did not do that, but considered to do it..

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Local festivals throughout yunnan

Hi again,
thanks for information. Yes, i am using google, but i found only the big festivals (like golden week), which I want to avoid, because of so many tourists/people.. I was looking for local, small festivals/events, what ever.. but i was not able to find many of them... I shall make the same tourist path - like all others: Zhongdian - TLG - Lijiang - Dali-Kunming - red earth - hani terrace... and of course I want to go out of the touristic trail, as much as possilbe... I shall travel with 2 partners from Oct/14 to Nov. 5, if any one has local events, please inform


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