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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Local festivals throughout yunnan

I wonder, is there no calendar, where you see all the local festivals throughout of yunnan? For many southeast asien countries you can check local festivals (town festivals, harvesting festivals....) online, i did not find this for yunnan. A member told me to look at the events calender at this forum.... but sorry, there are only events like "cheap bier" or "half price dinner" in kunming and simular... this is not what I am looking for... any idea?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rate RMB to EUR

I just saw, that my title of this thread is wrong and misleading. It should have be called: exchange rate EUR to RMB (not the other way), maybe a mod can change this?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rate RMB to EUR

Hi guy´s,
let me introduce the DKB Visa card to you. If you are german, austrian or swiss, it is common to get such a creditcard free of charge, if you make an account with them. I use this account only for geting cash uproad. I do not pay anything for this, but I always keep some money on this account and I get interests of 0,6% per anno for my money on the account. And they garantee that you can get cash money in any country worldwide without any fee´s. I do this since many years.
If you are able to read german, or translate it with crome or simular:

Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rate RMB to EUR

Hi again,
thank you for all your infos. Great to have this before coming to yunnan...

I shall mostly use a visa credit card from DKB (german bank), which allows to get money worldwide without fees... but there are 2 people with me, they have to exchange or use an atm....or I change for them...

@napoleon: thank you for detailed explanation, this seems to be a very good idea, if you are longer in china/yunnan. I personally be there for 3 weeks, and have no chinese account, so it would be too much action for me..

Forums > Travel Yunnan > exchange rate RMB to EUR

Thank you, i expected a such answer.

Does anybody know, is there a money exchange (boc)at the DIG Airport (Shangri-La) with a good exchange rate? or would it be better to change at Kunming airport (where we have just a short stopover)? Do banks charge commission in yunnan?


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