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Local festivals throughout yunnan

christian4870 (68 posts) • 0

I wonder, is there no calendar, where you see all the local festivals throughout of yunnan? For many southeast asien countries you can check local festivals (town festivals, harvesting festivals....) online, i did not find this for yunnan. A member told me to look at the events calender at this forum.... but sorry, there are only events like "cheap bier" or "half price dinner" in kunming and simular... this is not what I am looking for... any idea?

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

@christian4870. Can you not use Google? It pulls up many links regarding Yunnan festivals. But the link Philou gave is a very good one.

christian4870 (68 posts) • 0

Hi again,
thanks for information. Yes, i am using google, but i found only the big festivals (like golden week), which I want to avoid, because of so many tourists/people.. I was looking for local, small festivals/events, what ever.. but i was not able to find many of them... I shall make the same tourist path - like all others: Zhongdian - TLG - Lijiang - Dali-Kunming - red earth - hani terrace... and of course I want to go out of the touristic trail, as much as possilbe... I shall travel with 2 partners from Oct/14 to Nov. 5, if any one has local events, please inform

Alien (3819 posts) • +1

Jim Goodman has been writing about festivals in Yunnan for over 15 years - see his website, and/or Mandarin Books.

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