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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel itinerary october/2016

Hi Alien,
thank you, i am travelling more than 40 years 2 times a year for some weeks..I like travelling backpackerstyle..
Thank you for tipp for Lijiang...

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel itinerary october/2016

Hi lemon lover,

first of all, thank you very much for your post. I shall think about my itinerary. Your input is much appreciated. We do not speak chinese at all, but are experienced travellers.
May I ask you, how you would plan it, if you do not know these desinations? How long would you stay in each city/area?. What would you skip (bend of Jinsa, o.k. but this is only a few hours when driving from TLG to Lijiang) We have all together about 3 weeks, but I also would like to include Shilin, yuanyang terrace, Yianshui and Dongchuan red land in second part of the journey.
Any input is welcome...
By the way, if somebody is interested in my journeys in last time, see:

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel itinerary october/2016

i am new in this forum. My name is christian, I am living in austria and travelled a lot in south east asia on my own. In china I only was once in Beijing (and hongkong, when it was british).
I am planing a trip to yunnan.(3 travellers) First part is:

- Oct/14 in kunming airport, take flight to Shangri La.

- Oct/15: visit monastery and town
- Oct/16: go by bus to baishuitai (visit white water terrace) arrange pick up to Tiger Leaping Gorge, overnight
- Oct/17 make a few hours trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge
- Oct/18 go by car/taxi to Shigu (Yangste gulf) and to Lijiang.
- Oct/19 Lijiang, sightseeing
- Oct/20 Lijiang, afternoon bus to Shaxi
- Oct/21 Shaxi, friday market and visit Shibaoshan
- Oct/22 Shaxi - Minibus to Yangbi and Xiaguan/Dali.
- Oct/23 Dali - sightseeing
- Oct/24 Dali, Shaping Monday market? + Xizhou
- Oct/25 Dali, take overnight train to Kunming
- Oct/26 Kunming, to be continued

What are you thinking about this itinerary? Is it doable? To stressful?
Please let me know your impression


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