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Forums > Living in Kunming > Well Water Treatment Systems

Have a talk to Mr Dai. 13708766589 in Kunming
His company builds water purifiers for home and industry. Speaks a little English.
Forget chlorine, UV is the best.
best way to get rid of iron bacteria is to pump it into a holding tank with aeration and draw off the top. The Fe oxidises and precipitates out.
Check for all heavy metals, arsenic has been a problem in some areas. Not industry related btw
Would definately send water samples OS for testing, Aust labs are some of the best, but I'm naturally biased there!

Forums > Living in Kunming > garden supplies

Bird and Flower market was always good for bagged soil mixes and seeds, there is (was?) also a similar market near the north gate, kunming.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Musical instruments and sound systems

Anyone know where I can buy musical instruments (western and chinese) at the right price?
There was a great music shop over the road from the uni near green lake, but the wreakers ball has demolished the entire block.
Bought a great Ibanez copy, effects rack and amp a few years ago, still going strong.

Also, electrical markets which sell kareoke equipment and associated sound systems.
thanks in advance!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Markets - Craft and everything else

is there a true craft market to be found in Kunming...Bird and Flower has really taken a dive since I last visited.
Also, local coffee supplies, roasted beans and hardware...grinders, perculators, etc
I have tried the usual outlets off Wenln Jie but crave a bit more variety. (and quality)
Thanks in advance!


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With the greatest of respect, a noble effort.
But here is the issue. Dianchi is sick. Sick from too much nutrient and particularly phosphorus which is causing eutrification by excess algae. Some real work has been done to reduce the inflow of pollution by relocating factories, farms and housing away from the catchment, for this, Kunming needs a big pat on the back.
But, the nutrient loads remain in the lake. The established water plants and wetlands have some effect but what is required is the removal of phosphorus via Phoslock. What some may be interested to know is that there is a Sino Australian company based near Haikou,on the shoreline Sth West Dianchi which produces Phoslock, a CSIRO developed water treatment agent.
Now this factory was established first to treat Dianchi and second, export to world markets. Truth be known, very little has been produced and applied to the lake.
Well, there is light on the horizon; Xi Jingping is firmly commited to allocate funds to restore water quality to the fresh water lakes in China and no doubt Dianchi will benefit.

Fantastic, we just love (and miss) Yunnan food so much.
There are 2 sweet foods I' like the recipe for, though I may stand corrected if they are not local food:
1 Chinese Pizza - or so its called, kind of a sweet sticky rice, pressed into a pie pan about a cm thick. Some red looking stuff through it, maybe just food colouring.
2 A type of sweet bean paste pie, rice pastry top and bottom, thin layer of bean paste in the middle.

Also,anyone know how to make the stinky preserved tofu, a bit like Vegemite, only a patriot would eat the stuff...used as a condiment.

My God, the new Woodstock??!
I remember canoeing along these quiet lakes years ago and enjoying the fresh BBQ and beers that were served up by boat ladies on the water.


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