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Puzhehei to host music festival

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The picturesque town of Puzhehei (普者黑) is best known for its Karst mountains and tranquil wetlands. This weekend it will be a bit noisier than usual when the Kunming music scene arrives for the inaugural Puzhehei Warm Spring Music Festival.

Thirteen bands and six DJs from Kunming and beyond will play the two-day event, which kicks off Friday, March 30 at 3pm, with music scheduled until 2am. Performances will also run from 2pm to 3am on Saturday, March 31.

Bands scheduled to perform are Sea Loving Mammals (哺乳动物), War Horse (战马), Yankadi (阳卡迪西非洲打击), Choupinang (臭皮囊), Mayuan Poets (麻园诗人), Muyangren (牧羊人), Laba Wengongtuan (喇吧文工团), Headache Powder (头痛粉), Cool Fish (三维鱼) and Dongjiayan (董家堰).

Mayuan Poets
Mayuan Poets

Three additional local acts won the opportunity to perform in Puzhehei by surviving a battle of the bands held at Laba on March 23. The bands are Hongloumeng Yi (红楼梦遗), Hongfu Yeben (红拂夜奔) and Cloth Bag Monks (布袋和尚).

The bands will perform during the days and into the evenings with DJs Siku, Peter, K5, Zhouzhou, So We and Wenli taking over during the night.

Festivalgoers planning their own transportation can buy tickets for 100 yuan, which include admission to the festival for both days and are available through the weekend. Tickets may be purchased at The Box, Moondog, Cacao Mexican Restaurant, O'Reilly's Irish Pub, Camel Bar, Lost Garden, The Hump Hostel and Laba.

A limited number of all-inclusive tickets are available (35 as of 6pm Monday) and must be purchased by March 28. These tickets are 150 yuan and cover bus transportation to and from Kunming, a hotel room for two nights, one meal each day and entry to the festival. The bus will leave from Laba at 9am Friday morning and return from Puzhehei Sunday afternoon. All-inclusive tickets are available by contacting MovidaKM at 18687804751 (Luca) or movidakm[at]live[dot]com.

For those wanting to rough it, free campsites will be available outside the concert venue. Tents are available once travelers arrive but organizers suggest people bring their own as numbers are limited.

The outdoor music festival in Puzhehei will be the third in Yunnan in the last six months, following last year's Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival and 500KM Musical Festival.

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I know it's way too soon to ask but would there be a Summer edition by any chance? I'm just so sad right now cos I won't be able to go to this one...


Does anyone have any tip on how to get to the festival tomorrow?


Quickly contact MovidaKM at 18687804751 (Luca) or movidakm[at]live[dot]com.

My God, the new Woodstock??!
I remember canoeing along these quiet lakes years ago and enjoying the fresh BBQ and beers that were served up by boat ladies on the water.


we are some people renting a car to go tomorrow afternoon to puzhehei!!
there's some seats still available!
there's somebody coming with us???

call me! aurora 15825285716

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