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Looking forward to seeing you both in Chiang Mai and enjoying your music again. Please check in with me for any help making the transition here. I'm a 10 year Chiang Mai resident after more than 20 in China. Cheers! Chris

Wish we knew you were coming to Chiang Mai so we could invite all for drinks. We're long time residents of Chiang Mai and I've always been a fan of Salvador's. Looks like you had an amazing trip and learned a lot from Thailand to bring back to China. I will be sure to stop in when next in Kunming. Generous owners chose some very nice ecological and culturally authentic activities. We'll done and best to all of you for 2016!

Beautiful article, Peter. Hope we can benefit from your expertise to guide us at the Pear Orchard Temple in Shaxi, to educate people about the Tea Horse Road and have them enjoy a perfect cup of Yunnan tea. Looking forward to your next visit to Shaxi!
Chris Barclay

Dear guys, thank you for using the photo of our guestroom toilet at Shaxi Old Theatre Inn to represent Best Guesthouse! We're proud of it :)



Great homemade pizza in a fun setting just outside Shaxi Old Town. The chef Tom is a friendly, happy guy with a natural skill for Italian cooking. The wine selection is very reasonably priced, and everything is made fresh to order. By fat the best pizza in Shaxi. If you're looking for Shaxi Italian food, this is the place.