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Forums > Food & Drink > Big Bargain Buffets

Glad to have read this thread as was going to go golden silver jaguar at lunch. Did not know u had to book online to get best price for lunch.

Interested in the izola Brazilian BBQ. Can anyone give me the website details or addresses?


Forums > Living in Kunming > Banking in China ...

just stretching this thread topic a bit, but I was wondering what the best way of transferring money from China to a foreign bank is?

I use when i want to transfer money in and out of Australia when linked to bank accounts but this doesnt look possible to Chinese bank accounts.

Any suggestions?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Swimming pool suggestions?


I have discovered an outdoor 50m pool just east of Beijing Road, south of the 2nd ring road. Discovered it by accident when looking at satellite images.

It's on Jinxing road, 200m east Beijing road. It was tricky to find, but once you get on to Jinxing road, as soon as you see all the taxi's parked up, you are in the correct place.

It is 30 yuan for a swim, seemed very quiet when i visited. Pool is heated by sun only and was 23C when i went for a swim. Water is clean. In the end I got out because the cold got the better of me. Plenty of space to relax and lots of lockers. Changing / shower rooms were very basic and hot water was so, so.

There is a shallow side for kids, but not really suitable for kids under 5.

I am going to visit another swimming pool west of Beijing road soon. Same area, off Jinjiang road. Has a running track /sports field so not sure if I will have any luck going for a swim.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Swimming pool suggestions?

I am also looking for a swimming pool that is suitable for toddlers. I live near Beichin Rd / Beijing rd outside the 2nd ring road.

I have only found an indoor pool at Yunnan University of economics and finance.

If anyone knows any other northside pools, I'd appreciate that information.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kunming

After a slow start getting to a swimming pool, I have found one at the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, just north of the 2nd ring road

237 Longquan Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China, 650221

Tel: +86 871-65192551,+86 871-65122394

From memory, they have swimming pool open from 6:30 to 9:30 am then 12pm to 9pm.

One swim is 68 RMB! Yep, expensive. You can buy 10 swims for 500 RMB but you have to use them within a month. They have other deals too, with longer lasting vouchers.

Discovered I needed a swim cap once i got in, luckily they had a spare. 50m pool. Heated just right for laps. All lanes when i went. Clean, relaxed atmosphere.

I would recommend this pool and I swim outdoors normally in Australia so that is saying something.

No idea why it costs more the OZ pools, so will only be going once a fortnight at this rate.

I think there is another swimming pool near why I live, so will find that one out too.


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Before arriving in China, I had read a lot of articles and news stories about China investing heavily in green tech. I was very surprised to see no solar panels or wind turbines in Kunming. Only when I went to Dali did I see street lights power by wind and sun. A missed opportunity.


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