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Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kunming

Brian (17 posts) • 0


I would like to know if anyone knows of a good place to swim laps near the University/Yi Er Yi Da Jie area. I know of some pools in KM and I'll list the ones I already know about below. If you know of others (especially in the above mentioned area) please list them in a reply to this post. Also, if you know, please specify:

1. Address/landmarks/contact #
Also, is it in a sports complex, hotel etc.

2. Indoor/Outdoor

3. Heated/non-heated

4. Admission cost/discount available to frequent users

5. Cleanliness

6. Ease of swimming laps

Here is what I already know in case it helps anyone with the same question:

1. TuoDong Pool. 99 Dong Feng Dong Lu
Admission: 15
*I have not been to this pool

2. Wu Hua Ti Yu Zhong Xin
Located at the intersection of Huan Cheng Xi Lu and Dian Chi Lu
Admission cost unknown, I have not been to this pool

3. A pool located on Xi Chang Lu across from the intersection of An Kang Lu (安康路): It's located inside a gate just across from the intersection of An Kang Lu near several carpet stores.
Admission: 15 kuai
Locker deposit: 10 kuai
Facilities: Pool with lanes marked on the bottom but no lane dividers. Lots of cross swimming and circular swimming. Pool & locker room reasonably clean *by Chinese standards* Also offer massage/body scrub treatments 10/6 kuai respectively (don't know any more details about that, just saw it on the sign).

4. Jiao Yu Bin Guan (Education Hotel)
Located beside the large bridge structure at the intersection of Yi Er Yi, Xue Fu Rd., Long Quan Rd. etc. (the hotel is on Xue Fu Rd.)
Admission: Around 15 kuai
Facilities: Again, no lane dividers. Some people swim around in circles. The locker room is pretty clean, even by western standards (at least it was last time I was there). The pool is INDOOR and may be advertised as heated; however, the times that I have been, it has been really cold. After some sunny days and warm weather, it might not be AS cold. It's too cold for me if it hasn't been sunny and warm outside though.

5. Hui Du
Located under the elevated highway that goes to Xi Shan (turn right at the end of 2nd Ring Rd. coming from west side/Chun Yuan area). Turn right at the first street light after turning off of 2nd Ring onto the road under the highway (per the directions I was given). In the direction of Ming Bo furniture market.
Admission: 15 kuai
*I have not been to this pool. But it is reportedly very nice with indoor and outdoor heated pools.


Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

Chuangyi Yingguo, "Think UK", Jiaoling Lu 88, in an apartment complex; Indoor; Heated; 15 RMB (annual pass available); clean (relatively high chemical level) with basic but clean locker rooms; three divided lanes and one slightly wider swim area.

Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

Forgot to add directions to the above. Heading west on Jiaoling Lu turn right at the main entrace, go straight back to the "T" crossing and turn left. The pool is on your right just after the outdoor badminton court.

ohadhawk (3 posts) • 0

I tried the "Think UK" one, the water were too cold (around 22 degrees), and I agree with Ahmet: clean (relatively high chemical level)
It's 20 RMB for a single entry, though. no student discount.

After being there and in pool #3 (too hot and indeed plenty of circular swimming) I found that pool #2 (just beside is the Wuhua stadium) is best in the area.
Some more details follows:

Wu Hua Ti Yu Zhong Xin
1. Located at the intersection of Huan Cheng Xi Lu and Dian Chi Lu
It has it's own building and parking your bicycle costs 0.5 RMB.

2. Indoor
3. Heated - 27c (which is just perfect)
4. Single: 20 RMB (15 for students, need to show the card)

30 entries for 450 RMB

10 deposit for a locker
5. The water is perfectly clean and clear, not too high chemical level.
6. The entire pool is divided to 25m lanes (rather wide), no cross swimming, no children playing. very professional.

Not too many people ! (every time I've been there (afternoon/evening) I had a whole lane for myself.
* Between 17:30 and 19:30 the pool is closed for swimming teaching and also for an hour or two in the morning (not sure when)

jimrothstein (4 posts) • 0

1. TuoDong Pool. 99 Dong Feng Dong Lu

2. Indoor
3. Heated; water temperature uneven in pool;

4. Single: 20 RMB (Chinese), 30 RMB (non-Chinese)

30 entries for 360 RMB (everyone) + 20 rmb deposit.

unknown if any permanent lockers
5. The water is perfectly clean and clear; chemical level seems a bit high.
*Locker room is unpleasant; old, leaky, wet, afraid to touch the floor; actual pool area is cleaner. However, abundant hot water in (old) shower area.
6. The entire pool is divided to long lanes (unknown lenght), no cross swimming, no children playing. very professional.

Busy, but not too many people (3 people per lane easily fits) (I swam at lunch time, early Sunday morning)

Disappointed with locker room condition, but location is good (#5 bus for example).

DKladybug (5 posts) • 0

I am new to the city but am interested in this topic as well. I am not familiar with the areas so I am wondering if any of these swimming pools are near the Metro in the North? Thanks.

shadowave (8 posts) • 0

1. Bei Chen Pool, just right back Cai Fu Zhong Xin (Fortune Center) in north. Right next to the tennis court.

2. Outdoor

3. non-heated. (10°C these days)

4. 20 yuan/ 15 yuan for 30 times.

5. Clean and Clear. Low chemical level.

*Altought there are lockers but no one use it. Not much people cause the freezing water, it seemed this pool is like a club for "winter swimming". Hot water for shower.

6. A few long lanes at 50 meters. No cross swimming, no children playing.

6. Ease of swimming laps

DKladybug (5 posts) • 0

Thanks shadowave. I have come across this pool. Too me it looks like a "mans club" and when I tried to enter the building I was asked to leave and was told I was not allowed. Not sure though. I am also looking for a kid friendly pool.

hedgepig (273 posts) • 0

there was a time when the Tuodong pool didn't have the "20 RMB (Chinese), 30 RMB (non-Chinese)" pricing structure. i went swimming there then. idiots.

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