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Forums > Living in Kunming > Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pools in Kunming

1. TuoDong Pool. 99 Dong Feng Dong Lu

2. Indoor
3. Heated; water temperature uneven in pool;

4. Single: 20 RMB (Chinese), 30 RMB (non-Chinese)

30 entries for 360 RMB (everyone) + 20 rmb deposit.

unknown if any permanent lockers
5. The water is perfectly clean and clear; chemical level seems a bit high.
*Locker room is unpleasant; old, leaky, wet, afraid to touch the floor; actual pool area is cleaner. However, abundant hot water in (old) shower area.
6. The entire pool is divided to long lanes (unknown lenght), no cross swimming, no children playing. very professional.

Busy, but not too many people (3 people per lane easily fits) (I swam at lunch time, early Sunday morning)

Disappointed with locker room condition, but location is good (#5 bus for example).

Forums > Food & Drink > Food Courts?

Thanks pushingeast; will try!

I have been to 2nd food court, where Ren Min and Dong Feng meet, and ate at a Hunan stall, which was perfect for vegetarian. Each item is displayed in a little, individual dishes, heated above a steam table - just pick what you want.

Four days in a row, I ate by color: orange, green and white (tofu) dishes for under 20 rmb total; all vegetarian (removed the pork from tofu) and low grease.

Unfortunately, then I got a little sick, and although I can't trace it back to this little Hunan gem I'm a little little shy now and need to diversify.



The other being in Xiao Xi Men (小西门) called Jia Xiang Xiao Chi Guang Chang (嘉香小吃广场) on the corners of Ren Min Zhong Lu and Dong Feng Xi Lu, hidden to the back of and underneath the Brothers Jiang Across the Bridge Noodles store on Ren Min Zhong Lu. ]

Forums > Food & Drink > Food Courts?

Many thanks, exactly what I want

Could you give me the cross street for these two new shopping complexes on Ren Min Lu?

Did find bright, clean "King Donut" in otherwise poorly designed, and mostly empty, Parkson's mall. (Didn't try the donuts; but pleasant upstairs sitting looking over Ren Min Lu, with coffee not bad. )

Forums > Food & Drink > Food Courts?

I am new in KM and would like to find a few popular food courts (i.e. seating, multiple vendors) in or around Beijing Lu/Ren Min Lu or the walking street area; lunch or dinner.

Don't need fancy, cleaner better than not, but most important is place is busy so the food is fresh and popular with locals.

(I also don't eat meat, so be great if have display samples and go from there, but I know can't have everything.)

Many thanks for suggestions.


No results found.




Overpriced and a bit disappointing; lax service.

Seemed like standard Chinese restaurant, sans meat.

An order of brazed eggplant and dish of tofu came to 30 rmb total. Most items were much more.

From the front of the restaurant, the main restaurant is to the right, where I ate.

An entrance on the left is to the noodle shop. (The kitchens appear to be connected at back.)

In between was a bakery stand - not a chain - which I do recommend.

Business here was brisk, and products very fresh.

I brought 3 fresh poppyseed cookies for less than 2 rmb.