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ive got a Chinese question if anybody is out there. What would a local word for Aromatic Red Cedar be? I have had a hard time finding it in planks but I know it grows here.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

hey guy, you can buy anything you need for any project. but you need to be able to ask and understand the answers. there is a huge market near 雨龙路,and 昌宏路 at least i think those are the right characters. (yulong lu changhong lu.) that place has absolutely everything. if you're looking in the north dont overthink it try B&Q. near 世博园。(expo) im out at the big markets all the time id be happy to pick up some for you, let me know what size my number is 13312504369. sorry about the late reply, we just got back from the philippines.

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agree with tiger tiger
i no longer eat out except once a week at mc donalds
i make everything else with my wife at home and guess what???we never, never get sick anymore. you want to talk about food thats bad for you go to ANY kunming restaurant in the kitchen and you will never eat out again either.
my 2c

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Also this week I am Building a private theatre and though I can find audio mixing boards easily, can anyone tell me where to find a halfway decent video mixer or a videocard for PC that can do something similar?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Check out new pictures of actual kunming work done @ chinizzleconstruction on Instagram. This week I will be uploading a few more pictures. Last weeks project, and the subject of so e discussions here on this forum,Soundproofing. I finished a soundproofing job taking lessons from previous contributors to my discussion and it was extremely successful. Apparently for a proper sound booth, or recording studio, you need quite a bit of drywall and plaster. Previous discussions mentioned six layers three on each side of the wall would be enough. Well I was contracted to just deaden the sound coming in from a noisy hallway. It worked really well with only three layers and a custom build sound proof door. I'd love to do more let me know if you still have soundproofing needs. That's all for now.


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Hi Ben. Your project sounds really cool. I'm very much into sustainable fuels and farming and water usage and energy. I've lived here in kunming for 6 years I know the city well and I'd love to help out if you need interpreting or some other kind of help let me know.

I have been very same thing. Long distance railways even to americas from here. It seems like logistics will be a serious problem Though. My guess is that the same as the alaskan pipeline nightmare, the costs associated with building across that particular landscape will be a serious hurdle. Itd be cool if an underwater train could be built. I dont think our oceans can take much more though and the bering sea fishing industry might oppose a big noisy thingbeing plunked down into a fairly stable environment. Once agaIn the last thing we think of is the earth. Lastly... if it only goes 200kph...What! Forget it. I think we will come up with a better plan before this one comes to fruition.


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