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Thanks, good information. Earlier, my post mentioned construction design to save on foam, and what I've done in the past is two framed walls with drywall only on one side each. It creates a dead space in between and is super effective. But I've never tripled it up, awesome.

In the US this method is part of the building code now when apartments share a wall. Interesting bit about the foam though thanks very much I'll keep in in mind. For my friends here in china we soundproof their doors with 8" foam and it is extremely effective. Great post thanks again.

Ps. Hey what would you do to combat hvac noise? Do you use like a break in the ductwork? Soft ducts. Or turn off the unit while you're recording?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Sorry to hear that, I have a similar issue at my house and unfortunately you're totally right about the glass. But windows are not excessively expensive and you could have a set installed on the inside, it would do a lot to kill that noise, my neighbor had it done and it works good depending on the location and design of the window area. The other thing you could do is buy enough sound booth foam to attach to your drapes and make them much more sound resistant. Or have a big foam cover made and just take it down when you wake up. Hope you find something to work. In the end I just purchased comfortable ear plugs and I wear them when things get noisy. :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Hey Alexkmg
How's that soundproofing coming along? Were you able to find what you need? I spend a lot of time near that market if you want I could show you where to go.

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I understand. I kind of agree with hfcampo. There are too many unanswered questions. 700 yuan is a lot of money. if you've been somehow cheated on your water bill maliciously, I'd be surprised. Accidents happen things break and they might break again, which is why I think I might get a friend who speaks well and can argue your point nicely to the landlord. I wouldn't want the next situation and the next one to continue just coming out of your pocket.


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Hi Ben. Your project sounds really cool. I'm very much into sustainable fuels and farming and water usage and energy. I've lived here in kunming for 6 years I know the city well and I'd love to help out if you need interpreting or some other kind of help let me know.

I have been very same thing. Long distance railways even to americas from here. It seems like logistics will be a serious problem Though. My guess is that the same as the alaskan pipeline nightmare, the costs associated with building across that particular landscape will be a serious hurdle. Itd be cool if an underwater train could be built. I dont think our oceans can take much more though and the bering sea fishing industry might oppose a big noisy thingbeing plunked down into a fairly stable environment. Once agaIn the last thing we think of is the earth. Lastly... if it only goes 200kph...What! Forget it. I think we will come up with a better plan before this one comes to fruition.


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