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to danielgrenz

youre right the biggest issue with a fan is to actually get the steam out...preferably through a hole in the wall. this is however pretty routine stuff and if you dont mind the expense just tell the guy whom you buy your fan from that he needs to vent it all outside. also, you may not necessarily need to vent to the actual outside. most apartments have at least one if not several exhaust chases built into the design. mine has three in the apartment. its a good idea to ask the wuguan if you're unsure.
to Danmairen
hijack away. ive heard similar prices for large apartments, especially if youre going to add extra circuits which is an excellent suggestion. i might also suggest using an architect to design each room for function. i.e. you may wish to have several water heating devices heating where the water is needed. or figure out where your tv goes and get at least some of the wires hidden behind the wall, or you and your significant other both want reading lights that can be turned on and off from the bed and from the doorway. it can all be done its a matter of careful planning.

as a personal preference id love to see somebody design a water system that uses solar to heat the water most of the way and only uses other methods when thats not hot enough. let us know how it goes....


Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

i have come up with an experimental plan based on a previously discussed topic of sound proofing. Shyam mentioned that the only real way to block outside noise is to use three layers of drywall mudded shut. the problem we encountered was that sometimes we dont want to completely lose the use of a window. my solution? a rather heavy duty fanfold style wall that is fit snugly into place in the frame of the window in question. when fully open the joints will close tightly hopefully this coupled with the jagged design could eliminate more noise. Shyam doesn't like my foam for blocking noise entirely. his reasoning was that only a solid wall could do so. for lots of purposes though foam can block enough noise to let someone sleep. it is quite costly, and perhaps not as effective as the drywall. id love to see and help somebody try my idea for the fanfold wall, we'd need good hinges drywall mud and several sheets of chinese drywall which is mostly available in pretty thin sheets and some stock lumber. several hundred yuan probably depending on the size of the window we could even fit the top and bottom with a flexible strip that could pressure fit the wall so it could be removed or partially opened or closed as needed. if youre game and want to try it i will happily help. id like to hear from shyam if hes still watching this post. daniel you have my number let me know


Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Cool! I will get on it. I use astrill but it's always getting kicked off by the system. Have you purchased any of your equipment from kunming vendors? I know the 数码成 market pretty well but I find their prices too high and quality too low. Thanks for the info.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Home Improvement in kunming

Hey, does anyone out there know how hard it would be to set up a home server and home network? Using modern equipment, I'm imagining it's all wireless, and I'd have a few requirements if I'm going to do it.
1. All computers can share all drives, right now I have several auxiliary drives and it's a mess.
2. I'd want to be able to set up my router to the main computer to always on VPN.
3. I would like everything to be very secure, any suggestions on how to keep hackers out of my computer and server?
Okay that's it for now unless you all have some other suggestions to keep my information safe, and make my system more convenient. Home networks are home improvement too. Geeks welcome.


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Hi Ben. Your project sounds really cool. I'm very much into sustainable fuels and farming and water usage and energy. I've lived here in kunming for 6 years I know the city well and I'd love to help out if you need interpreting or some other kind of help let me know.

I have been very same thing. Long distance railways even to americas from here. It seems like logistics will be a serious problem Though. My guess is that the same as the alaskan pipeline nightmare, the costs associated with building across that particular landscape will be a serious hurdle. Itd be cool if an underwater train could be built. I dont think our oceans can take much more though and the bering sea fishing industry might oppose a big noisy thingbeing plunked down into a fairly stable environment. Once agaIn the last thing we think of is the earth. Lastly... if it only goes 200kph...What! Forget it. I think we will come up with a better plan before this one comes to fruition.


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