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Omission is different from distortion.

I'm not defending the editor's original omission of 高行健 nor his subsequent attempt to hide the mistake, but my point is that I don't think he did it intentionally to efface the memory of dissidents, which was the point you implied by using the word collude.

I also don't think I misunderstood you with respect to your statement (and undertone) on how GK avoids anything controversial. I think you conflated your preference and expectation of what GK should be with what it appropriately and ethically should be.

Again, I respect your opinions and I understand your frustration, I just don't like to see GK being scapegoated for a bunch of socio-political issues that it really has no power to influence.

Ludwig, I completely respect your desire to maintain journalistic integrity. It too, frustrates me when societies impose collective amnesia for people and events that don't align with the existing power structure.

However, there are a couple of serious accusations you implied that might deserve more explanation than the subtext of you preferring the previous owners. "Colluding" implies a position of activism, that GK *actively* participates in effacing the memory of dissidents as opposed to it being the unfortunate by-product of a journalistic error. This distinction is important because it presents the issue as one of quality vs corruption, the latter being detrimental to the core credibility of this media outlet, and such things should never be implied without proof.

Secondly, media outlets vary in terms of coverage, New York Times rarely overlap the content I read on Gawkers for example, different target audience, different focal point. I don't think GK ever positioned itself as a source of hard hitting investigative journalism into the politics of China, but rather a hub for information that's mostly relevant for travelers and expats - pretty lighthearted in most cases. If it's a matter of content and the direction of the new site, I respect your position. But again, by saying GK avoids anything remotely controversial implies subterfuge, which is probably the most reproachable offense in journalism. Can you substantiate this?

Bottom line, I see why you're frustrated, I just think measure and care need to be taken when it comes to statements that could destroy a news organization.



Tried their tuna melt and pesto chicken sandwich, both were delicious. Key is the bread and they had good bread so I was a happy camper. This was also the only place in Kunming where I spotted Masala chai on the tea menu. Didn't end up ordering it but its existence was already a plus for me.

The place itself didn't stand out too much for me, kind of your run-of-the-mill western cafe. Overall, a nice quiet place for lunch and a good place with wifi for you to work out of.


Love love love the outdoor seating area. The little courtyard nestled between the old buildings is absolutely charming and I love the fact they furnished it with big bright comfy sofas, perfect for lounging around on a lazy day. Oh and the free wifi doesn't hurt either.

Had American style Chinese food here for lunch, it was delicious. Only been here twice but nothing to complain, so 5 stars :).


Service at this place definitely leaves something to be desired, especially when you have a big group (6+) of people.

I had burgers with a bunch of friends here and every single one came out cold and soggy, this was post a 30min wait. There were several different waiters taking our orders and serving us with the unfortunate end result of messing up a bunch of orders, forgetting to bring utensils and condiments, overcharging the bill, and taking another 15min to correct the bill. I think they're trying, they just need a little bit more co-ordination and organization.

I've also learned to mostly order liquor straight up here because a lot of the cocktails taste just like juice. Maybe the local customers prefer it that way.

Despite the said shortcomings, I do like this place - cozy atmosphere, big open space, nice pool table, enough locals to give it an authentic feel.


Salvador's has one of the few bars in Kunming that offers a comfortable atmosphere for a single female traveler - very important when you need a drink but don't know anyone yet.

Their outside bar area is great for people watching as it's located on one of the liveliest streets, especially at night.

The staff/owners are somewhat quirky but friendly enough. Their cocktails are above par for Kunming, and if I remember correctly, cheaper than Kundu.

The food can be a hit or miss and the bathroom can be cleaner at times, but overall, a great place to hang out and relax.