The YMCA Club 1933, located just off Baoshan Jie, is one of the oldest, completely renovated French-style buildings in the center of town.

Based on its architecture and character, the YMCA Club 1933 has been renovated to be an excellent venue where you can enjoy good food, excellent wine, beer, coffee and tea. It is only French style courtyard compound in the center of Kunming.

Covering over 2,000 square meters, the site is ideal for cocktail parties, courtyard weddings, birthdays, holidays and others. Built in 1933, The club was designed by Mr. Li Jin Pei, the desiger of Nan Jin Sun Zhong Shan Memorial Hall. It is a brick, wooden structure with west meets east style.

A century ago, the YMCA witnessed the revolution of young people in Kunming. Today, a century after, in the heart of Kunming, its unique structure, the graceful yellow gardern house, the quiet courtyard and the cool open balcony is the ideal site for film shooting, products announcement and news conference. The theme activities well be presented to you in every different festivals to meet your needs and satisfy your wishes. If you come into the YMCA 1933, which located in No.4 Ding Xin Street, on the opposite side of Excellent Food city, you can taste the history, drink the world and enjoy a beautiful time. It's a location that you cannot miss.

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  • NameYMCA Club 1933
  • AddressOld YMCA Building, 4 Dingxin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65181933
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YMCA Club 1933 • Old YMCA Building, 4 Dingxin Jie

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Just a note to add to Shuang Bai's review - we were told that YMCA no longer serves food, it has been converted to a bar only establishment. Gone is the half decent pizza, excellent indonesian fried rice and pretty good fries... woe is me!


Was there a few days ago, draught beer(tiger) had run out, then they told me that they would no longer be open during the day, but open only at 7.30pm. couldnt make out wether this was just for the CNY or if it is now permanent. Hope its just temp love the place great place to relax in the summer, or indeed on a nice KMG sunny winter day.


Love love love the outdoor seating area. The little courtyard nestled between the old buildings is absolutely charming and I love the fact they furnished it with big bright comfy sofas, perfect for lounging around on a lazy day. Oh and the free wifi doesn't hurt either.

Had American style Chinese food here for lunch, it was delicious. Only been here twice but nothing to complain, so 5 stars :).


Im in two minds whether to write a review for this place as it is probably the coolest little find in kunming and it would be a shame to have it over-run, but it is so well done it would be rude not ot share the love.

The YMCA is hidden down a cool little alleyway with a really well renovated courtyard, delicious Thai Hotpot and Half decent Pizzas, Fantastic Imported Beer Menu and professional service with wait staff that have actually been trained. Perfect for a dinner at sundown and probably good fun after 9pm too.

Whoever the management is deserves a pat on the back, future business will not be a problem for them.

The Village People would be proud.


This is one of my favourite places when it comes to outdoor seating. The courtyard is spacious, quiet and comfortable with good service and good coffee. I love the old building, which has been completely renovated, including a rooftop terrace. Add their wide range of imported beers and this place makes for a perfect sunny afternoon experience. Wish there were more places like this, as any city with such a great climate should have.