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Forums > Living in Kunming > KRFC Kunming Rugby Football Club

Ill be keen as mate as we talked about last week. I will have to miss out on the operational start up phase though unfortunately with travel plans back to NZ ( I hear theres a coaching role up for grabs some team ALL BLACKS or something along those lines, might try my hand.)

Other than that put me down for a late April start. Ill fit in anywhere along the back line. If my late registration means I miss a starting spot in the team, I'm pretty good at cutting oranges too.

Would be bloody awesome to get back and see a bit of Kunming ruga going on.

Team names..

As for foods I have the..
Kunming Rice noodles?

Kunming Digou Oilers?

Kunming Wild shroomers?

As for animals we have the..

Kunming Tigers? (presuming the tiger gets on board of course)

Kunming Flying Tigers? (going one step further)

As for local attractions the..

Kunming Subway Survivers? (Might help drumming up supporters)

Kunming Salvadors? (Might help drumming up sponsorship for Jerseys)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rugby World Cup

I'm always one for cheaper beers but was just wondering about the internet feed, has it been reliable for the games so far? Its the big one as you say. Maybe the static delays can just be passed by with 10 kuai qingdaos right?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rugby World Cup

Ok fellas Ive found a spot.

After a few weeks searching round for different options I finally found a place. Its a live feed through STAR SPORTS at the Grand hotel Kunming 君乐 near the green lake. (The one with the UFO on top opposite the library). Its on the 21st floor bar looking over the green lake. Its pretty bloody plush to be honest. 25 kuai for a qingdao, not the cheapest, but it is a five star hotel.

So dont be cheap boys come over for a beer or a lemon water if your supporting Australia and be there for the opening game NZ v Tonga. This Friday 4.30 kick off.

(PS. Other hotels may have the same feed but none that I have found yet with public watering holes and centre city).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Rugby World Cup

Hey guys,

The Rugby World Cup is just about to kick off are there anywhere that will be playing the games live or other? Just wondering how we can watch the games in Kunming?


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Im in two minds whether to write a review for this place as it is probably the coolest little find in kunming and it would be a shame to have it over-run, but it is so well done it would be rude not ot share the love.

The YMCA is hidden down a cool little alleyway with a really well renovated courtyard, delicious Thai Hotpot and Half decent Pizzas, Fantastic Imported Beer Menu and professional service with wait staff that have actually been trained. Perfect for a dinner at sundown and probably good fun after 9pm too.

Whoever the management is deserves a pat on the back, future business will not be a problem for them.

The Village People would be proud.