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Forums > Living in Kunming > The local fauna: dating chinese guys

Rachel, another possibility is that he may feel obliged to bring it up, as that's what most girls here would expect. Very few of us understand the cultural differences we're dealing with to their full extend, and with us being the guests we may have already tried a bit harder to understand the culture we have traveled across the globe for to visit/live in.

Forums > Food & Drink > Burger King

Can't wait until the opening tomorrow. Fast food isn't the best there is, but Burger King is definitely better than McDonald's and KFC!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

Oops, slavers.

You wouldn't be able to understand or actually respond to any of the arguments, because your locked-down brain isn't registering anyway.

Shoot me please.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

"I'm not competent to decide if someone in mentally incompetent, before that person commits an act myself. After the fact, I certainly have an opinion ..."

I'm always amazed how pro-gun Americans (the only nation with a lot of people cuddling their guns) and republicans are unable to spell or even form a grammatically correct sentence.

Geezer, everybody gets upset when someone takes something away from them. Try to make two little children share their toys – nine out of ten times they'll start crying. We all understand that you – if any gun control law passes – would be going through an incredibly rough time, assuming you live in Kunming and therefore don't even have any guns in your near vicinity already.

Saddam Hussein was also sad when the Americans took away his country and his life. Slavery was legal until well after the adoption of the constitution and I'm sure all the southern slavors believed a RIGHT had been taken away from them when slavery was banned. See, I can call anything a RIGHT and therefore feel the meaning of whatever that RIGHT is, is good. By calling it a RIGHT you're not making any argument for yourself.

Sometimes you have to let go of old times. We're more than 200 years further now. To 'believe' in the constitution is to say that you're blind, ignorant, brainwashed, indoctrinated and conditioned to be a drone and a slave to the system you belong to. But as you seem to have said before that you're not religious, you obviously can't even see that you have made other things part of your personal irrational dogmatic religion instead. And yes, I know "irrational dogmatic religion" is a pleonasm.

I'm truly happy to live in a country where I can be quite sure that nobody around me is carrying such deadly weapons for their 'self-defence'. As most people (in the world) are dumb, incompetent, incapable and instable, I wouldn't feel comfortable that with the mildest misunderstanding someone could (accidentally) pump a bullet into my body. Not my idea of safety.


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I'm curious what people have against Chengdu. Not a place to go for the weather if that's the only thing you care about, but otherwise definitely one of my personal favorites. The reason the city is growing so fast could very well be because it offers good opportunities and has great city planning. The relation with money doesn't have to be that simplistic.

Will definitely try out a few of the mentioned restaurants this month. Eager to find some alternative restaurants for a more diverse dining experience.

Can I assume that generally wild vegetables are completely organic? In this case meaning that there's no chemicals (and other unwanted substances) applied before they reach shops and restaurants.



The environment is fairly nice, with a great location right above the development where Turtle is located, but it yet seems like another gym where the investor doesn't really understand even the basics of running a gym.

The space is fairly small, making it extremely crowded in evenings, they require you to buy 7 yuan water bottles instead of offering free drinking water (expensive and not very environmentally friendly) and on top of that they run out of hot shower water almost every evening. Their answer to this is that it's a gym, not a spa.

Unfortunately, they do not offer refunds on their cards. The manager also refuses to give the contact information of the boss, probably to make sure they won't be able to hear any of the complaints.

On top of this, the staff seems to be rather clueless and gives conflicting answers to the same questions depending on who you ask, including the manager lying about him being the boss.

The whole place is one big disappointment, unfortunately.


The burgers appear to be the same as in any Burger King and the place appears clean and well organised, especially considering the fact it's the first one in Kunming and good staff isn't easy to come by. Thankfully, I didn't see any rats running around on my visit.