A full-service gym opened in 2017 at the Xiexin Tiandi development.

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  • NameIMF Gym
  • Address180 Jianshe Lu, building 1, Xiexin Tiandi, Kunming
  • MOBILE 18860721405
  • HoursDaily: 9:00am-10:00pm
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IMF Gym • 180 Jianshe Lu, building 1, Xiexin Tiandi

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The environment is fairly nice, with a great location right above the development where Turtle is located, but it yet seems like another gym where the investor doesn't really understand even the basics of running a gym.

The space is fairly small, making it extremely crowded in evenings, they require you to buy 7 yuan water bottles instead of offering free drinking water (expensive and not very environmentally friendly) and on top of that they run out of hot shower water almost every evening. Their answer to this is that it's a gym, not a spa.

Unfortunately, they do not offer refunds on their cards. The manager also refuses to give the contact information of the boss, probably to make sure they won't be able to hear any of the complaints.

On top of this, the staff seems to be rather clueless and gives conflicting answers to the same questions depending on who you ask, including the manager lying about him being the boss.

The whole place is one big disappointment, unfortunately.