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The Second Hand Market which used to be on Bai Yun Lou has closed. Rumor says that it has moved to somewhere in the far east part of the city, near the 3rd Ring Road. Does anyone know more detail? Know an address? Know which bus(es) will take me there from the area of Long Quan Lou and the Second Ring Road intersection? Or the Yunnan U. area?

This was a huge open air market, and even though it's old site is going to become luxury apartments, the buyers still need to get the goodies somewhere. The former shopkeepers need to go some place, too.


Zhu Bajie

Forums > Living in Kunming > Cheap Clothes Market

Dear Princess Sheena,

Perhaps the market you've heard of is Luosiwan. This is a BIG open air market not too far from the south train station. Part of the complex is a big clothing department store called Yun Fang. Tell the taxi driver "Dao Yun Fang!" and he should get you there, no problem. Otherwise, you can bicycle from the Yunnan University area on the first ring road. Go south, turn left, onto the south branch of the 1st ring road, and you'll see Yun Fang on your right, pretty quick.

If you cycle further on the south branch of the ring road, beyond Yun Fang, then turn right on Nan Ba road, you'll come to the Luosiwan cloth market. Most of this is wholesale, but there is a retail section which will sell you a variety of fabrics. Get what you like and take it to a tailor. (Someone else will have to advise you on tailors.)

Another easy way to find Nan Ba road: go south on Qing Nian ("youth") road, and it'll turn into Nan Ba, near the cloth market.

Zhu Bajie in Kunming


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The beer is good. The food, OK, if you're dying for something Western. Food service is better in the daytime, mamahuhu in the night time.

I haven't stayed in their guesthouse, but I'll guess it's noisy in the night times.


Prague Cafe in Bei Chen Walking Street is Prague III.

There are other branches in Wen Lin Jie and in Lijiang.

I've been a long time customer of the Wen Lin branch.

Both Kunming branches are pleasant places to meet and chat with friends.

The food may not be the cheapest, but the cheapest would be from the street vendors.

I meet and drink coffee with friends at the Wen Lin PC several times weekly, especially since the Yun Joy Cafe is no more.


I've been drinking Beer Lao and coffee here, off and on for some years.

It's always a pleasant place to relax. The food is good as well. Close to cheap hotels and bike rental on Manting Lu, too.