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Forums > Living in Kunming > Sightseeing tour bus

Received an email from ???? Who asked me why I can not see the difference between bus 23 and an tour bus?
The double decker bus has a canapé on the second floor, it has the rainbow colours and it has written 50 cm big letters TOURBUS on the sides, on the front it has a sign 23 plus some Chinese I can not read.
Beside that an local policeman pointed at this bus as being the new tour bus. I admit I am not Eindstein, but when it said tour bus, has the rainbow colours and the yellow canapé on the upper desk I did not realise that that means nothing, it is just line 23, undercover maybe?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sightseeing tour bus

We are staying at 399 qingnian rd, on Dongfeng squire no tour bus in spite of the schedule, is this tour bus an ongoing project or just an marketing project

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sightseeing tour bus

Before we leave Kunming we thought it will be a good idea to take the new tour bus as announced on gokunming. A policeman pointed to the stop, the bus came around as showing on the pictures, the only different was it had number 23 on it, plus a sign on the side tour bus, it was not 20 rmb not 5 but only 2 rmb obviously for a Dutch guy a bargain, we could hop on and hop off, the only problem was the route, nothing like what was described in the article. We are going after our trip of 5 weeks back home on July 7, anyone can let us know if we had the tour bus or just a wannabe one? And were can we hope on? We are based at the crowne plaza hotel

Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

I agree with Alex, yesterday we visit Matang a small village close to Kaili a massive road is in the progress of construction and 3 big government buildings are build almost on top of the village, years ago ( 2009)we went to luguhu lake, it toke a whole day by car to reach it from Lijiang, I understand that there is now an airport and an highway!


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If you look for authentic scenery, take the north road to Guangnan or take the old road direction Xingyi, beautiful villages with karst mountains as an backdrop. Puzhehei is an complete waist of time and money. Except for the one who likes this kind of mass tourism including the music, the screaming and shouting, maybe for young kids it is great fun, but for nature lovers it must be an nightmare


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