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Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

When this was your worst experience ever, you maybe just have reached the age of 4, I am 60 now and believe me you will encounter more disappointments in life than this weekend. Don't moan just move on, you will see and experience lots of other great experiences! By the way Puzhehei is an complete waist of time, but you can drive to Guangnan county and visit bamai village or Fa Nong Village, the last one takes you not more than one hour, don't miss the bridge here. A great drive is also from Puzhehei to Xingyi.
Check out the blog from Gaetan, make sure you switch on the VPN other wise the pictures are blocked
Peter living in Spain, just arrived in Fenghuang traveling around on holiday

Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

Nope, no body came up with a what to do, an alternative is maybe 30km from Gaugnan county is bahai village we could not visit the village because the river was too swollen, so the entry try the cave was closed, ( there is no other entry possible) the route the road to Gaugnan is also beautifull. Puzehei I would not waste an second on, what an disaster!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > puzhehei emergency

we arrived today in Puzhehei and o boy what a disappointment

it looks like, OR we have enter the park on the Disney side (Shigangba) or?
What we see is some villages full with places to eat, to join horse rides to walk in some balloon on the water and blaring music coming out pieces of cement every were. The walking pads we try to take were blocked or partly fallen in the lake.

Thanks to Hugotravel tip we had today an fantastic ride on the road between Guangnan County and Puzhehei beautiful scenery.

SO THE URGENT QUISTION is what do we do tomorrow? are we MISSING something are we in the WRONG part????? please help


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If you look for authentic scenery, take the north road to Guangnan or take the old road direction Xingyi, beautiful villages with karst mountains as an backdrop. Puzhehei is an complete waist of time and money. Except for the one who likes this kind of mass tourism including the music, the screaming and shouting, maybe for young kids it is great fun, but for nature lovers it must be an nightmare


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