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This has probably already been covered - - but where is best place to study conversational Chinese? Is it at one of the universities or private schools? Interested in info re: full time and part-time.

Thanks - - JJ

Forums > Living in Kunming > Earthquake Assist

We would like to start a drive to help earthquake victims (especially students) - - but we're new to Kunming. Does anyone have experience in this regard - - Red Cross contacts - - Government requirements??

Between the two of us, we are fluent in English and Chinese so can respond either way.

Thanks for any info.

Respond by e-mail or phone:


Forums > Living in Kunming > Remodel

We're new to Kunming and starting to remodel apartmnt. Have heard good things about B&Q. Where is it located?

Also any recommendations for a good satellite TV dish installer/

Thanx - - JJ


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With so many absolute beginners on the team, Kunming Flying Tigers performed in a way which surprised everyone - - especially the Chengdu Pandas. The Pandas were actually lucky to come away with a win. Great start for the Flying Tigers!!