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Forums > Living in Kunming > exchange large amount of money

you 'should' be able to do this at your bank branch.
you've already got yer furrin' currency held in your
bank account, probably is sub-account #10. they
just need to convert it, and dump it into your rmb
sub-account #00.

take your little yellow bank book into the branch

where you have your account, tell 'em you wanna
change franks to rmb, and to leave it in the account.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Beware long running fraud and theft of services racket!

not knowing either of the parties in this...

i'm with jasmine. this is china. promises are generally

regarded as maybe's. time is not a precious commodity.
"mashang" means "when i get around to it." and with an
agent you get two layers of "culture."

i suggest you guys complaining get real, legitimate jobs. you're

not cut out for work involving agents here OR in the west.

also suggest OP remove the linked picture.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Considering options to treaching at colleges

ooooh, that was your other post. you're married.
i think that means you have to choose between the
Z-visa and the L-visa.

if you take the Z-visa, it's tied to your employer, so you
can legally work.

If you go the spousal L-visa route, (i've heard) you can now
get 2-year renewals, but you can not be legally employed.
Plenty of folks on L's work quietly, despite the risk.


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