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Forums > Living in Kunming > finding clothes in Kunming

for hiking/walking shoes (up to size 14!), try the sports
shops along 文化巷。 due south of there, at the first
intersection just past the veggie market, is a small shop
that carries a small selection of larger dress shoes (up to
size 12).

you should have no problem finding shirts and jeans in
your size almost anywhere, (i'm 6'2", 180 lb. and can
find most anything). of course, off-the-rack suits may
be problematic.

if you need a place to start, there's a clothing store in the
shopping area behind the 龙泉路 carrefour with a rack of
(knockoff) lee/levi's in normal sizes (i.e. 32W/34L)

Forums > Study > study in xishuangbanna?

is anyone aware of study opportunities, either in university or private school, down south in 西双版纳?


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