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any western doctor /hospital ?

evelyne (1 post) • 0

hello, I'm French,I just arrived into Kunming 2 days ago to study. But I feel very bad. I have some cystisis or something like that. At school they gave me something but it seems that this medicine does not work.
My doctor from France told me to take some NOROXINe or NORFLOXACINE OR CIPROFLOXINE 250. WHERE CAN I FIND THIS SORT OF MEDICINE. The pharmacists do not know. Can someone help me to find a French or English doctor, Hospital or pharmacist knowing that? I can't stand the pains anymore. thank you . I know where to go in Beijing but not here . Lots of thanks

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0

your medicine is 诺氟沙星 nuo fu sha xing
english name:Norfloxacin, Baccidal、Barazan、Brazan、Chibroxin、Fulgram、Lexinor、Linxacin、Noflo、Noflox、Nolicin、Norfloxacin
you can find it in any drug store. just show the chinese name to them.
and there is a english speaking hospital in kunming but my friend said it was not good. so it is better to find a english/french-chinese speaking friend to go to a normal hospital with you.
you could find one from here:
it is a french institute.
hope u feel better soon.

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0

cystisis in chinese is 膀胱炎pang guang yan.
i think NOROXINe is the right medicine.
if it is still not work, you need to go to the hospital to take a drip 输液shu ye. maybe use Penicillin. but u need to do a test first.

bucko (683 posts) • 0

I have to agree about hospital choice. Do not use Richland. They are not qualified to call themself a clinic, muchless a hospital. Best take your chances at a local hospital. Good luck.

Quester (232 posts) • 0

My partner and I had been going to that hospital for all our treatment. We thought it must be safe because it is a joint venture supposedly operating by international standards. What have you heard that we haven't?

no way (104 posts) • 0

have been to richland one time. no complaints. clean
and professional (unlike chinese hospitals), but also
expensive compared to the local alternative.

seilenna (1 post) • 0

if you have a cystite: drink loads of cranberry juice !!! (i don't know the name in chinese, though) It is scientifically tested to be the best medecine and liters of mineral water.
if it hurts to pee, it is because your urine is too thick so a good trick to ease the pain is to pee while taking a shower. the water softens the concentrated urine.
accupuncture is doing miracles as well.

bucko (683 posts) • 0

Well Quester, I have been involved with Richland since before it's opening. I was responsible for getting the in-house dental care dept in operation. My good friend, Simon CHong, was the marketing director for Richland. The key word is "was". He quit some months ago, fed up with the management of Richland. I was enthusiastic about this place from the beginning. Happy to see a "real" hospital in Kunming. On the up side it does have the latest testing and lab equipment so you can be sure to get reliable results with lab tests. It is clean and on the surface a very nice process to receive medical care.
On the downside the management's concern is solely to generate profits at the expense of any quality healthcare. They only have 2 "retired" regular doctors on staff because they cannot keep any good doctors due to their pay/management policies. Therefore every time you go there you will see different staff and doctors who care little about their job. You will never get any follow-up care or even call backs concerning your test results. More often than not, your files are displaced or lost. I know of 3 incidents where foriegner's treatment (or lack thereof) easily would be called mal practice through mis- diagnosis and total lack of proper treatment. Richland is all to anxious to sell you treatment in order to use their nice new equipment. It is way overpriced for services and medicine.
I will use Richland for blood tests, shots and the like because they do have new testing equipment. I will not consider having any treatment there whatsoever. Richland is nothing more than a large outpatient clinic. Your best plan would be to use them for initial basic treatment so you can travel directly to Bangkok for decent medical care. If you use them, make sure to personally keep all your records and be very pro active with your treatments there. Double check all your drug and shot treatments and be sure to ask lots of questions about dosages before you take anything.
Good luck.

DanTheMan (599 posts) • 0

Richland is a sham. I had a bad experience there and, despite having no medical expertise, it was pretty clear to me that my doctors had no idea what they were doing, and just wanted to pad my bill with tests and diagnostics.

rlowe (25 posts) • 0

I have to disagree with the above posts. I've been going to Richland on and off over the last 18 months and never experienced anything but professional, enthusiastic care in a clean, private, state of the art environment. If you think Bumrungrad in Bangkok is anything but profit driven you haven't been there in a while.

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