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Forums > Living in Kunming > shipping to thailand

you could call JINSHUI logistics 3519966

they run regular trucks bangkok-chiangmai-kunming.
i used them to ship a few boxes thai-kunming at
about 25% of the going postal rates.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Extending work visa - changing employers

teacher pay in kunming is extra special low, but for some
reason the fur'ners all love it here. the supply of qualified
teachers will make it difficult for you to find a university

try applying with some of the private schools (do check that
they can legally hire fur'ners), or look at some of the more
exotic areas.....jinghong, jiaotong, etc.

register with dave's and check the forums and job listings.
also angelina's (recruiter) has hundreds of jobs with no
degree required.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > nearest Yunnan-Laos border crossing to Kunming?

nick, check these guys out. based in thailand. they have

all the requirements for taking a bike into laos.


as others have said, laos is pretty relaxed, so you can
probably get your bike across. china is not, so getting it
back in may be a problem. you'll most likely need all of
your original paperwork, registration, bill of sale, insurance,
etc, maybe more.

the border crossing is right on the edge of tiny little
mohan. plenty of cheap hotels who can store your bike for
a small fee if you prefer to walk.

you can't change money legally....so forget the sole bank
of agriculture. there are nice ladies at the crossing who
will change for you (or at the hotel where you store your
bike), and will give you a good rate. anyway, RMB is
accepted across the border at boten.

so, once you go through the chinese side, pay 2 RMB to ride
the little golf cart the 1.5 km to the laos side. us passport
holders need one photo, US$35, plus $1 for weekends or
overtime, plus $1 for having a us passport. probably will
have additional fees for taking a vehicle.

once through, there is often local transport to boten, if i recall
that would be several km. i don't know the cost, i was always
on a bicycle.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > nearest Yunnan-Laos border crossing to Kunming?

there is only one border crossing into laos from chinaland.
highway 213 via simao and mengla to mohan. if on

motersickel, i don't know the paperwork requirements.
if on bicycle, no problems, voa. take a passport photo
and US$35. follow the old highway. have fun.


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