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Forums > Living in Kunming > Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

any post office will carry a selection of sturdy
cardboard corruscgatated boxes. 8-12 rmb or so

if you shop around, you'll find some of the post
offices have a bander.....you know, that machine

that wraps a flat plastic band around the box and
ties off with a metal clip.

Forums > Food & Drink > The End of Salvador's Wireless

c'mon prd, you do come across as a bit of a nut sometimes.
seems almost any discussion you get involved in always comes

back to the evils of genetic engineering or wireless or gamma radiation or whatever the conspiracy flavor of the week is.
what next? the birds and bees are disappearing?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Visa problems PLEASE HELP - URGENT!!!

luke, it would seem the gf screwed up. outside of the usa,
'merkans usually get a single-entry 30-day visa. (sometimes
a multiple entry if'n ya gots prior chinese visas.)

the L-visa (tourist) is pretty darn clear. in english. you say

she be a gonna be a ringrish techR? good luck. hope it not be

readin' complehenshun.

line one:

Category: L (for la touriste)

Entries: how many go-innies.

line two:

Enter before: last day can be used for a go-innie
DURATION OF STAY: how long be in china on each go-innie.

line three:

Issue date: date of la issue

the touriste visa is usually valid for 90 or 180 days from date

of issue. my multiple entry is valid for 180 days, i suspect a

single entry would be valid for 90 days.

you said she got it about three months ago? expires on the 20th?

well, i'll bet ya dollars to cardboard-filled-baozi that she has an
issue date of MAR 20. duration of stay is 030. enter before is
JUN 20. she arrived in china on or about MAY 12, when the

stay-here clock started tickin'. she would gotta leave by (about)
JUN 12, or she has overstayded.

Forums > Living in Kunming > General Visa advice

@tiggertigger: not questioning your experience, but, um, gee,

i'm like questioning your terminology. get a new "z?" Z-2-Z is
easily done locally? are you talking about extending or renewing
or gittin' a new residence permit?

i was here for several years (in different cities) on an X visa. the
X, like the Z, is only valid to enter china. once i got my first RP,
the visa was stamped cancelled. every year (or portion thereof
that i paid tuition for) the school would get me a new RP stuck into
my passport. never needed a new X.

now i'm here workin' and soon will start a new contract with a new
skool. my Z visa was cancelled when i got my first RP. (note that
the RP gots a notation as to the purpose of stay) the new school,
in another province, will get me a new local RP. i don't need no
new Z visa.


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