Haiyuan Temple (海源寺), a historical gem dating back to the Yuan Dynasty, boasts a storied history of over 700 years. Nestled at the source of Dianchi Lake, the temple earned its name, 'Haiyuan,' or 'Source of the Sea,' due to the ancient local custom of referring to Dianchi Lake as the 'Sea.' The temple's historical significance extends to modern times as well; notably, Premier Zhou Enlai (周恩来) graced its halls during a 1957 visit on his way to Indonesia.

An authentic slice of local life unfolds at Haiyuan Temple every Thursday, as vendors and farmers from the surrounding area gather to create a bustling market. The lively exchange of goods draws individuals from nearby villages and towns, offering an opportunity to both buy and sell their wares. This vibrant scene, rich in color, chatter, and activity, magnetizes visitors from around Kunming, eager to experience the unique local culture and purchase distinctive local products.

Getting there: Catch either bus number 83, 85, 70, 180, or K13, and alight at the Liyang Xingcheng Community Station (丽阳星城小区). From there, the magnificent Haiyuan Temple is clearly visible and within easy reach.

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  • NameHaiyuan Temple
  • AddressWest 3rd Ring Road, Wuhua District, Kunming
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Haiyuan Temple • West 3rd Ring Road, Wuhua District

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