The Silver Chest Boutique Hotel hosts fifteen well-appointed guest rooms renovated from 90-year old courtyard mansions from Kunming's wealthy past.

It is a centrally located retreat near the Bird and Flower market is a quiet bastion in the heart of the city's old town district. The hotel features dining options, an expansive library, guest shop, parking access, and in the future, a spa.

Staff are fully bilingual and internationally trained, which adds to the comfort of luxurious accommodations set amongst gorgeously restored antique surroundings.

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  • NameSilver Chest Boutique Hotel
  • Address16 Qianwang Pedestrian Street, Zhengyi Fang, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68135777
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Silver Chest Boutique Hotel • 16 Qianwang Pedestrian Street, Zhengyi Fang

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If you have the appropriate budget and want a unique experience, this is definitely the best hotel choice in Kunming. It has a few drawbacks like the inability to drive a car straight up the entrance. As a boutique property, it also naturally lacks some of the amenities of a big hotel. But this is more than made up for by the location, thoughtful design and personal service.