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German-style bakery featuring homemade breads and jams and local organic products

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  • NameBakery 88
  • Address17 Renmin Lu, Dali
  • Phone(0872) 2679129
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Bakery 88 • 17 Renmin Lu



Easily one of the best bakeries in China.

Also, plenty of amazing jams, cheeses and other treats available for takeaway.



Hankster, it's great that you enjoy Bakery 88. However your experience doesn't speak for everyone, and in fact I'm sure Karine actually appreciates the feedback, both positive and negative. You can consider poor service "nit-picky", but ask Karine what she thinks and I'll take a guess that she disagrees with you.
As for a business needing "thanks", it's hard to know why you think this is so, but feel free to praise it all you want.

I just suggest that in future you respect other peoples point of view, which is after all based on their own experience, and is equally as valid as yours.


bakery 88 is super clean and great. I'm not sure where the below "critics" have been. but its definitely not the bakery 88 that i know and love.
the quality of the ingredients are superb. the help are well treated , they're happy and helpful.. arrogant is the last word that comes to mind when describing them(!).
try the pretzels with cream cheese . yum!

places like the

bakery are really difficult to organize and run well and need our thanks and support,not nit-picky bitter criticisms like Chingis's.

God knows that there are PLENTY of crappy cafes, filthy restaurants and stale beer joints in Dali to apply this kind of negative rant to.


Agree with Chingis about the cs to Chinese clientele. Went in with my gf and they ignored her while paying full attention to me. It's like the staff has been trained with a Pavlov's dog reflex to serve the 'white' clientele. Chinese are used to bad service, the gf didn't make a fuss, but I'm definitely not going back there cause they've offended me with their callous attitude.
The bread is not bad, not that great either, for the price the loaves should be bigger. And oh yeah, the uncovered cake and pastries on the counter that anybody can cough and sneeze on, real class.


Actually, it is true about the uncovered cake on the counter. I noticed the thing myself, and the person I was with commented that perhaps this wasn't ideal.
Good that the boss has the gumption to come on the site, rather than just burying her head in the sand. And since she did, then the main thrust of my complaint related to how your staff were very polite to me, they were far less so to my Chinese friend. It may come as a surprise to the waitress that some Chinese people actually do appreciate courteous service...